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I understand that as of now WoW can utilize up to three cores. I've read online that dual core processors can handle the game just fine, but I want to know how long they will last. I'll soon be buying a new computer and I want to know if I should plan for the future and get a quad core that's slightly less powerful than another computer I'm looking at with a more powerful dual core.

Will WoW be switching to a quad core focus or some kind of processing change like that in the near future?

Thanks guys!
could you please elaborate?
..guess not. bump
You have to think outside of the box. With a dual core, you have 2 cores to run the game and everything in the background. Even idle firewall software, ventrilo, anti-virus software, and other applications use up your cpu. With a quad core you have 4 cores to handle the load of everything running on your computer.

Not to mention that anything dual core or below is pretty much dead technology. AMD is coming out with a 16 core cpu and intel has the i7/i5 with has hyper threading AND solid cores. It wouldn't be smart to "upgrade" to old tech.
Define "powerful". If the dual core you're looking at is, say, 1GHz faster, it'll probably juice out better performance in WoW. As it is, this game largely utilizes two threads, about 10% of the load can be offloaded to a third core, and some very minor tasks take place on other dedicated threads. Anything beyond a higher-end dual core won't benefit the game a whole lot.

Of course, there's more to look at than just clock speed as well. Different processors have different architectures and can outperform older CPUs even if they're running at a substantially lower clock speed. Cache sizes can have a rather positive impact on performance as well. What two processors were you looking at specifically? There are quite a few variables to take into consideration.
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I'd lean towards a quad core. But only as Kodiack mentioned the processing power of each core on the quad is more than what your dual core offers. The processing power of each core is the key factor. The number of cores just means your computer can do more things at the same time.

Gaming-grade quad cores (Phenom II x4 965+, i5 2400+) are very inexpensive and fast right now. It doesn't make much sense to go with dual core unless budget is a major concern. They'll last you quite a long time unless you get the upgrade itch like I do every time new tech comes out. World of Warcraft will use whatever it is allowed to (usually you see 2 cores being hit pretty hard and the rest not so much) and who knows what is in store in the future.
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