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If you're on this forum, you're probably a roleplayer. And that means different things to different people, but at the end of the day, it means you need a community that supports and encourages in-character interaction - a place where there's always someone around to hear you when you say "New troll 'ere!" as you shuffle off on your next great adventure.

The lovely and scenic Cenarion Circle server (RP - US - Pacific Time) has been an active and engaging community for roleplayers since World of Warcraft was launched in 2004, and we still love meeting new people. We're not just any old roleplaying server where you wander around Silvermoon City and hope to find someone sporting a FlagRSP description that doesn't talk about their beautiful, hypnotic eyes, or where you have to know who's who in the local cliques before anyone will talk to you.

GLOBAL CHAT CHANNELS! On Cenarion Circle your hearthstone, the symbolistic tool that has returned many wary travelers to the safety of a nearby Inn, has also been fused with a specially designed "Glyph of Communication" allowing you to talk to like minded adventurers over great distances. CC offers a selection of in-character and out-of-character channels specifically designed to help roleplayers communicate and organize.

GUILDS, GUILDS and MORE GUILDS! Cenarion Circle has a wide and thriving community of guilds on both sides of the factional line. Military and Mercenary based guilds. Religious (ingame religions) themed guilds. Established "evil" guilds and their "protect the innocent" counterparts; and even competing Corporate and cutthroat Cartel guilds!

PLENTY TO DO! Both factions have plenty of events scheduled. Weekly events, player run celebrations and holidays, and numerous large, engaging story lines that are open to anyone who is willing to join and contribute. CC's reputation of being friendly to those new to the server, and new to RP, means you wont feel snubbed or excluded.

VISIT AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF! This is all easy for me to say. I'm from CC - of course I love it. It's my home. I don't expect you to take my word for it - in fact, I hope you don't and come see for yourself! We're looking for people who are looking for roleplaying, actively and eagerly, and we want you to come try our server out.
We'll even make it easy on you with a step-by-step guide to immersing yourself instantly:

STEP 1: Roll a character on Cenarion Circle. Both factions are active and on the look out for new role players!

STEP 2: Get in our channels.

If you're on the Horde side, type "/join hearthstone" for an in-character channel where you can start roleplaying before you've even picked up a quest. If you're a networking sort, go ahead and "/join HordeOOC" as well, and you'll be in our OOC channel for meeting-and-greeting, event organization, guild recruitment, and any other OOC needs our roleplayers can think of!

If you're an Alliance loyalist, it's the same, except you're typing "/join HearthstoneIC" for your in-character chat, and "/join AllianceOOC" for out-of-character chat.

STEP 3: Start roleplaying! Say something - anything - in the Hearthstone channels, and someone'll join in with you. Or, use an OOC channel to ask what's going on that night; chances are there'll be something. Need a guild? Ask around - tell us what you're looking for. There's lots of good choices for whatever your character needs!

STEP 4: Level - not alone. Did I mention many of the guilds focusing on helping people level? We all want to roleplay with people, and part of that is experiencing content with them. Whether it's helping you find characters your level from other guilds and channels to run instances with you or just dropping by on an 85 to help steamroll that one impossible elite, someone on CC is going to want to help, and they'll talk to your character while they do it.
Is there more to tell? No fear! We've got some stickies on our realm forum that might help, and I can always say more in this thread, but why not come talk to us on the server instead? Visit the channels, join a guild, come to an event.

What are you waiting for?

Information on Cenarion Circle:

Channels list:
Cenarion Circle's Forums:
Guild/Event list:
"The Importance of Roleplaying Guilds":
Cenarion Circle Promotion Video, as featured on WoW Insider (May 17, 2010):

NOTE: Credit to Arjah of CC for writing the original "Scenic Cenarion Circle" thread on the old blizzard forums!

Well look at this thread.

I remember spreading the good word for Cenarion Circle in one very much like this, two, three years ago now?

Still home to me, still a good place to roleplay. Guilds of every stripe, channels for people to talk in so you're not always stuck in the same little circle of folks; new events coming up all the time.

Cenarion Circle's a great server for roleplayers. Always has been, always will be. Stop on by and check out those channels, if you want to talk to some other folks about the server.

"AllianceOOC" or "HordeOOC" for just general chat, or "HearthstoneIC" (Alliance version) and "Hearthstone" (Horde version) for in-character chat channels. Start roleplaying the minute you roll your character, if you want to!
The Spring Festival starts this afternoon! What is the Spring Festival, you ask? It is a week long RP event that is 100% planned, created and run by characters ingame. It starts today, Apr 10 and goes to the 16th.

Each night there is a different event in a different location.

The official Spring Festival thread on the Cenarion Circle forums.

A brief overview of the events:

Sunday, April 10th
Pirate Party, 12:00 PM (noon) Server Time
Hosted by: <Pia Presidium>

Monday, April 11th
Ashenvale Rebuilding Project, Ashenvale, 7:00 PM Server Time
Hosted by: AAMS Alliance Branch

Tuesday, April 12th
Twilight Cultist Attack, Blue Recluse in Stormwind, 4:00 PM Server Time
Hosted by: Dustwing of <Conclave>

Wednesday, April 13th

The Light and You, 6:00 PM Server Time
Hosted by: Genevra of <Conclave>

Thursday, April 14th
Alliance Clinic, Cathedral Square in Stormwind, 6:00 PM Server Time
Hosted By: <Pillar of Honor>

Friday, April 15th
Bard Night, Ironforge Library, 6:00 PM Server Time
Hosted by: <Pia Presidium>

Saturday, April 16th
Steam Tonk Demolition Derby, Ironforge side of the Deeprun Tram, 12:00 PM (noon) Server Time
Hosted by: Sprocketeer[/i]

It's never been a better time join Cenarion Circle and join in some of the role playing!
This is just fantastic advertisement! Makes me want to put an alt there!
04/10/2011 12:11 PMPosted by Bliggy
This is just fantastic advertisement! Makes me want to put an alt there!

Doesn't take long! Kill an evening alting and checking out the in-character "HearthstoneIC" channel (or just "hearthstone" if you're playing Horde), or drop by whatever events are going on.

Who knows, you might like it so much you never go back.
Like tonight! Come to the Stardust Renewal Project!
More info:
Like tonight! Come to the Stardust Renewal Project!
More info:

Or any of the other RP events scheduled for this week -- we've got one every night, and that's not counting the regular weekly events! Check out this thread for the "Spring Festival" of RP events on Cenarion Circle, which any new folks are more than welcome to join us at:
The pirate event was fun, I only died once and we lost like only two people at Orgrimmar....
i have a horde toon on there i think ill make an alliance alt is there a level requirement for any of the events?
04/11/2011 08:43 PMPosted by Keloris
i have a horde toon on there i think ill make an alliance alt is there a level requirement for any of the events?

I think the only events that really had "level requirements" have passed. The Pirate Party sort of did, except that Zaium was able to summon people when we docked at Thunder Bluff so it wasn't much of a problem.

There were no Warlocks, to my knowledge, at the AAMS rebuilding project so that would have needed a little bit of leveling.

The rest of these events are all happening in Alliance capitals, so there's no need even to level before you show up! Just pop in, introduce yourself, and see what happens!
I don't think anyone'll ever tell you that you can't come RP because you're too low-level. Only problems you might run into, like Crayauchtin pointed out, would be events that are in higher-level zones.

And if you're dying to come to an event and don't have time to level a character, you could always plow through the DK start quests real quick and come as one of those!
I don't think anyone'll ever tell you that you can't come RP because you're too low-level. Only problems you might run into, like Crayauchtin pointed out, would be events that are in higher-level zones.

How I wish that was the case on other RP servers. When I first went to MG, and many still have this attitude, if you are not a high level you are not worth Rping with. Griefers and the like is the excuse. You would figure after 30 seconds you could tell if said player was serious about RP or not. Add to that the fact that your level is an OOC game mechanic, it never should matter when it comes to RP. Ok I will shut up now.

If I ever get annoyed with MG, or just need a break, I will hop over and say hi.
So far, I have never seen level be a problem on CC. In fact, about the only thing the in game level affects RP is what clothing/item/zone's a character will have access to. And even then, we don't have a problem doing what we can to help lower level players into higher level zones for RP reasons.


On that note, the Spring Festival is developing nicely! Last night the AAMS (Anytime, Anywhere Messenger Service) hosted a Rebuilding Project at the Ruins of Stardust in Ashenvale.

Is a link of the re-cap of the event, including linked photos!

More events are happening all week! Check above for more details!
I am making an alt for this server at this very moment! Watch out, here comes a new, feisty Forsaken to deal with. Hope I meet some wonderful people now that I have chosen a good RP server.
Be sure to pop into the roleplaying channels and let us know you're around! Horde-side the channel names are:

HordeOOC - OOC chat for roleplayers. Good place to just say "hi, I'm new."
Hearthstone - In-character chat from wherever you happen to be. Say something, and people will respond!

The Alliance has the same channels with slightly different names: AllianceOOC and HearthstoneIC respectively.
I hope you will be glad to hear that I recently created a human DK on Cenarion Circle named Karpath. Hoping to start a DK/Lock/Shadow priest guild called Luminos Mortis. Can't wait for some real RP! :)

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