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Hmm... I hantppvnt tried rp. Interesting...
I made an alt here tonight and spent a few hours chatting in HordeOOC as well as questing/exploring. My only comparison is WRA, where I have been since the server was created, but CC seems like a very calm, albeit small, server with a very friendly and easy going population. At least Horde side. I will continue to level my alt here and I recommend to anyone looking for a good RP server to at least try it out.
Aurial, you're right about CC's population, especially during the summer. Although we are smaller than MG or WRA for population, we are growing (slowly, thankfully) and always have room for another role player.

Anyone who gives Cenarion Circle a shot, look me up in game. I'm more than happy to get you some basic bags and a little cash to make leveling easier. I'll introduce you to the RP community as well. You won't find a more welcoming and encouraging group of role players than the community on Cenarion Circle.
Oh yes and I do need more minions...err...more rpers..yes!

Imperon, I would love to get your horde guild involved in my storyline if anyone is interested I am loving this and improving it as I go along, need more people to twart her plans!
Funny... I went to CC once, and there was no RP going on ANY WHERE! I even went to GS, and get this- It was empty! So I was like "This is bull!@#$, I just spent my afternoon getting this character out of the starting area to see that there's no RP going on!" I /realmquit and haven't been there since.
I guess you have a hard time reading the instructions then Muanu, it is clear to me that if you join the OOC channel and announce your presence you will find someone. But then again if you are there in the off peak hours it can be fairly quiet.

And when you say once, when was that? What time of the day? As stated, we are a smaller realm in rp population, but we are here and we are active. Joining a guild is a good idea, or at least joining the channel. And then do not just lurk there, TALK!
A Strike Squadron of the 15th Maggot Air Flotilla zoomed down, evading the automatic defensive fire from Hearthglen's many defenses. Captain Escargot twidled his mustache, blue maggot eyes peering through his goggles. The Pia Compound was sighted, and the signal given!


The first zeppelin bombers swooped in, Ichor bombs dropping!

SPLASH! A direct hit on two dwarves and a cat standing outside a large building.


The squadron flew off, singing "It's a Long Way to Tarren Mill, It's a long way to Home..".

((An abominus post))
Tergen, Delver and Broodin wandered into the keep covered with green slime. All three wore a similar shocked and somewhat dismayed look.

"What have you three been in?" Gentyl asked.

"Nuthin" Delver replied. "We wus jes' standin' thar when some wee flyin' machines buzzed us."

"They bombed us with slime," Broodin added. He tried to lick the slime off and then coughed, sputtered and stuck his tongue out in revulsion. "Don' lick ith," he said with his tongue still hanging out.

The two dwarves stared at him like he'd lost his mind.

"Than the' sang sum ketchy lil tune aboot long way teh Tauren Mill and flew off," Tergen said.

"Flying, bombing, singing, little...could it have been maggots?"

"Iffen maggots be fat worms then aye," said Delver.

Gentyl sighed. "Abominus. He sent one of his maggot patrols to ichor you. Best go get washed up."

Tergen folded his arms across his chest. "Taint doin' thet. Ah took a bath in March. Taint near March agin already."

Delver shook his head. "Tha's raght. An Ah took one las' month. Ne'er said anythin' aboot takin' a bath e'ery month when ah joined this outfit."

Broodin eyed the upside down washtub he had been recently doused in to get rid of his fleas and fled.

He returned a few moments later with a chicken. Stress invariably led to hunting.

Feathers and bits of straw flew everywhere.

"Broodin!" Gentyl screamed. "Get rid of that chicken!"

Much to her dismay, he gulped it into that great maw. Two frantically scrambling chicken legs extended out of his mouth like very animated fangs.

"Let that chicken go!" She hit him in the head with a nearby book she sent sailing through the air.

He opened his mouth to yowl and the chicken raced out the door.

"As I was saying," Gentyl resumed. "We like things neat and orderly. I imagine everyone does, so we'd like to give you some bags, a bit of traveling money for food and so forth, and a pet to keep you company."

That, apparently, was the queue for Broodin to haul in a bag of sheep innards. Gentyl pushed the items and a plate of cookies toward the dwarf. "If you'll excuse me a minute."

Gentyl dashed after Broodin who was hiding behind a couch, gnawing on the bag. She lowered her voice to an angry whisper. "If you don't get that out of here this minute, I am going to skin you myself. We'll have a lovely new rug for those cold winter nights."

Even in the dark, she could see his eyes get big. He chuffed and reluctantly dragged the bag out from behind the couch, then headed toward the door trailing sheep innards behind him from the torn bag.

Gentyl, turned back to the new person she had found wandering around lost. "Now, as I was saying...." She looked around. The dwarf was trundling out the door with the kitten in tow. "It's not always like this," she yelled.

"Sometimes it's worse," she muttered under her breath.

((Come to CC for a visit. Stay for a lifetime.))
I approve of this thread. I haven't been on CC in a long time but it's good to see some of the RPers are still around and active.
Vorenth, there are a lot of the veterans of CC still around. Imperon, Liabelle, Ehlina is back. Raoul, Abominus etc. I may have to track down Souleater in Star Wars and lure him back.
I just wanted to shamelessly bump this because I am having so much fun in Pandaria, and guess what? I don't have to wait in que to get into the game like you do for Monguard and Wyrmrest Accord.

That's que. Waltz right in and make your character and play.
Gentyl unfolded the faded letter and read it by the sputtering candlelight in the crowded inn.

Perhaps it comes as a surprise, but it really should not. I've watched you from afar, often wondering what thoughts like behind your calm eyes. At this time I must remain behind this false name, but perhaps, when the world has less demands of our honor and duty I can approach you openly without fear of mutterings from the unknowing masses. My intentions are pure, as I am sure my actions will show.

Until another time, take this rose as a gift. You are a rose in this turbulent garden.

What had become of him? Somewhere deep inside she longed for those earlier days of innocence. Would he still wonder what thoughts lay behind her eyes? Were they still calm? Less than before, but in other ways she was more settled, if not at peace.

Tonight she waited for a far different kind of man. This one was an assassin and a gatherer of information.

Spricket had wandered back before Gentyl noticed and the gnome peered at the letter. "Is that a love letter?"

Gentyl refolded it. "No, just a letter from a friend. What about you? I'm sure you have lots of love letters from beaus."

Then, quite unexpectedly, Spricket burst into tears and cried unconsolably.

"Spricket! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. What happened?"

"It's my love. I can't marry him until I have a dowry of one hundred sheep."

"Oh, dear. That is a problem. Perhaps I can buy some sheep for you so you can marry."

The gnome's face lit up with joy. "Really? You'd do that for me?"

"Of course. I think love should always be fulfilled. Now tell me about your intended. I'll bet he's quite a handsome gnome and clever too."

"I'm getting married to Vloth," the gnome declared.

Gentyl stared at her wine glass. What were they serving? Vloth, the forsaken guy? "Who did you say?"

"Vloth," Spricket replied dreamily. "He told me once that if someone ever offered me their hand I would know it was true love." Then she started sobbing again. "But I don't have a dowry."

"Spricket, did he really offer you his hand? I mean does he know he's getting married?"

She glanced away. "Maaaaaaybe."

"Don't you think he might get suspicious when he shows up a wedding?"

"I thought I'd drug him until after the wedding."

Gentyl sighed. "So he didn't actually offer you his hand."

Spricket dug around in a bag and pulled out a withered and desiccated hand. "Yes he did."

Gentyl leaned away from the hand. "I see. Well, if you’re sure this is the man you love. I'll help."

Spricket jumped up and down and then hugged Gentyl.

The problem with promising gnomes things was like promising a child something. They never forgot and Gentyl simply couldn't abide that hurt look when they were disappointed. The next day she set out to buy sheep from farmers. She'd buy them, take them to AAMS and have them delivered. Should be simple enough.

Simple was never simple. She'd forgotten about the zombie sheep fiasco, but the farmers hadn't. Each farm she approached had the exact same sign on the fence. "No trespassing. Gentyl will be shot on sight."

She went back to the inn and picked up the cherry grog delivery then went out to a pasture to think. She took the top off one for Traveller and poured herself a cup. By the time they'd finished the third keg, Traveller was leaning against a tree trunk with his legs crossed and Gentyl was slumped against the same trunk, hoping Traveller didn't fall on her.

Then it hit her. The solution, not the horse.

((Come to CC for a visit. Stay for a lifetime.))
CC is always looking for quality personalities.
Love was in the air, and various other places it appeared. The Presidium had been flooded with kittens after Faithe was kidnapped and held in Orgrimmar. They had rescued her, but Snow, her kitten, had somehow been left behind. Various friends, known and unknown, had sent kittens to soften her sorrow. The result had been a population explosion of cats.

Pregnant cats, the gift that keeps on giving.

Gentyl gave away as many as she could to loving homes. She gave away so many people started running the other way when they saw her approaching with a cat carrier. It had left only one option. She hired the AAMS, the Anytime Anywhere Messenger Service, to deliver kittens to the horde. She also hired an enchanter so the kittens couldn't be eaten, since that was a very real possibility. So, the enchanted white kittens made their way to the horde and the AAMS wandered around saying, "Hello, would you like a free white kitten?" Eventually word got out and the AAMS couriers had to scream, "I don't have any kittens!" to get close enough to deliver other messages and packages to client.

It wasn't quite that drastic now, but it was time to find homes for some of the pets who were overflowing the stables, coops, ponds and pastures. Hearthglen was rapidly turning into Hearthpen.

It was also time for another box social. This time it was the men's turn. Even though Gentyl was happily married, she would show up for the event and hopefully buy a lunch prepared by some unknown donor. They would have a pleasant lunch and she might acquire a new pet she didn't have before.

When the word got out Pia Presidium was donating pets to be given away with the donated lunches, they were flooded with even more pets to help the event. Some of them were quite nice and she was drooling over the sunstone panther Crowelf had donated and Chromius who had been sent by Qctavian.

If all went well, they would have a nice social event. People would meet new people. Pets would find loving homes and maybe, just maybe, two people would meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. Or, possibly, just fall in like and that was good, too.

It was Saturday at last. The auction was this afternoon at 4 in the Argent arena. The pets had been bathed and groomed. Someone had even managed to give Broodin a bath and the druid was now sulking in the rafters, hissing at everyone who walked by.

New squires had been pressed into service for the pet patrol. Luckily they had not lost any, which was a testament to their fortitude. Pia had a promising crop of knights coming up it seemed.

Roleplay on Cenerion Circle. Come for a visit. Stay for a lifetime. A link to how the event works in case other servers would like to try it.
Come to CC and play with me!
You talked me into it, Aloom. I'm here to see scenic CC. Anyone one know of a nice tourguide?
Would you like it IC or not?
Why in character of course.

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