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06/21/2011 02:00 PMPosted by Caelenn
I already started a thread in the Cenarion Circle forums, but I might as well ask here too. Any rp guilds on this server that raid 10 man content? I'm looking for a home for this character, and miss rp too much to not get into a rp guild. I still want to raid very badly though.

Yep. There are RP-focused groups that run small raids as a guild or join with other groups to make up a full raid, and then there are raid-focused groups that play in-character and come to events when they have time.

I don't think it's one of the top servers for progression or anything like that, but if you just want a casual weekly raid or two as well as RP in your guild you can find it on CC.
Does CC Have cupcakes? If so, I will reveal to you some shocking news!
Is the rp really active? I rather not roll on Moon guard or wyrmrest accord. I'm looking for a good active rp server with active rp throught the server not stuck in guilds or in taverns. Which is what I'm getting from M?G and WaR. I wish there was an easy coast time zone decent rp since WoW runs in real time. (unlike ffxi where days are 12 hours)

I'd be willing to roll here if there is a good actove community. I am a true blue rp'er and tend/ require to stay in character the whole time I play. :) (i have ADD so if i do not stay ic the whole time i'm loged in i lose my rp train of thought). I do like knowing that you guys understand level is ooc.
this server if the advert is up-to-date be willing to try it out.
Think i'll check this server out :P.
Made a Horde toon there named Moriav (lvl58 Goblin DK), now i'm thinking of making an alliance warlock..
The advert's still up-to-date, yes :P We only made it, what, a month or two ago now? The server hasn't changed too drastically.

RP's very good if you're willing to get in touch with the people doing it. The channels recommended in that first post are definitely tools that new folks want to use. Pop into HordeOOC/AllianceOOC and let us know you're looking for RP! Or just hop into Hearthstone/HearthstoneIC and start talking in-character if you don't like any OOC chat at all.

And that's pretty much all it takes.
i guess if MG doesn't pan out i'll check out CC :)

It looks so delicious on the screen, now I have to go try it out :P
Cenarion Circle can always use more gnomes, Nodger.
I LOVE this ad, FINALLY a MUCH better RP server than Moon Guard, this is what Moon Guard is missing!! To CC!!
I think it's fairer to say that CC and MG do things very differently in terms of how the RP community is organized and what it tends to focus on. I wouldn't say one is better than the other! It's just a matter of finding a server that does things the way you like best.

I like that the global channels on CC make it very easy for brand-new people to get involved without having to know anyone or jump through any hoops, and I like that you can RP without giving up instances, daily quests, what have you through the Hearthstone channel (or HearthstoneIC for those Alliance types, I guess).

So I hope you find what you're looking for here!
B-b-but what about my question? Are there cookies?
06/28/2011 04:13 PMPosted by Mcstabface
B-b-but what about my question? Are there cookies?

Your question was about cupcakes! Make up your mind.
Are there any of the two:
I will tentatively say yes. I cannot, however, speak for the veracity of any cake.
I'll reveal to you then... I've been on Cenarion Circle for ages, actually. You are a great community, and yes there are cupcakes. You don't know who I am... But thanks Sidonwy!
Hmm, this sounds like an interesting guild. I have been looking for an rp guild and such, something to do on my down time when I am not busy running my guild. Which isn't hard seeing only family is in the guild. Sadly they don't get me with role playing. ^ _ ^ Tempted to make a toon up tomorrow and join in.
Guild? GUILD!? GUILD!?!? Good man, this is a server. *dusts off bloodied jacket*
I was on it and am waiting for the new patch to die down. I'm still on MG till CC rp picks up again. Let me know when the rp is back up and let me know the hot spots.
I need to find a good rp server I can start my dark/nature guild :) guild for warlocks, rogues hunters, druids (maybe shadow shadow priests)

The idea of this guild came to me from the Worgen race and intro. Since they are both dark and nature combined. Our rp will be like a tri force guild. Having a sect of each with in 1 guild. having our main goal being to train and fight undead. Using powers of nature and/or darkness.
Kinda like a noble order of fencers. Since the guild either be named order of the dark rose, order of the black rose, or order of the blood rose. (roses being the flower of gilneas)

Pretty much hunters will be the defenders or gaurds of the guild.

Warlocks will be the reserchers, druids will be our scouts and healers. and if I OK shadow priests they will be our enforcers. pretty much they will be for those who break my tenents. :P

which mostly just OOC stuff with 2 IC stuff that is my idea anyway.

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