Level 70-80 is pointlessly long and brutal.

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I feel like quitting, this is bothersome. Please, reduce the time it takes to level 70-80.
I did it in ten days before heirlooms. Others did it even faster. Just sit down and power through it. Read the quest text if you haven't before. The Northrend Lore was actually good.
Agreed. For me though it was more like 75-80, at least everyone has access to good gear for the 70-74 bracket.
it only sucks until your 78 then it goes fast again just quest and do battle grounds you'll level fast.
70-74 is horrible. It gets better after that.
1-60 is super fun. 60-70 is a bit annoying, but I can breeze through it.

70-80 makes me rage.

I haven't recorded how long it take me to do 70-80 vs 80-85, but it feels much longer and much more painful.
Outland would be worse than Northrend if Outland didn't fly by.

I kinda like Northrend Questing. While not as streamlined, it's a hell of a lot more varied than Cata questing.
70-80 took me weeks!

Northrend is soooooooooooo dull! Never make another expansion centered around pale blue colors please. Yes I know its supposed to be cold and it sucks!
I've been in Northrend for 3 levels and I already hate it... Hope it gets better. I hated Outlands, but it went by so fast that it didn't bother me too much. Im leveling an alt now, and I'm loving 1-60, but I'm dreading 60-80
70-75 was hard because all I did was PvP to get the awesomebbq armor and weapons...then after that I went to storm peaks and im 78 now and close to 79 :D
That's why I usually stay in outland till 71-71, then go to northrend and try do as much ins as I can, I'll always start in borean tundra, because Howling fjord is awful, at least horde-side.
04/10/2011 12:09 PMPosted by Tessana
60-70 is a bit annoying, but I can breeze through it.
precisely, i don't really know why people hate hellfire so much when it's hardly a slow leveling pace.
68-70 howling fjord - this is fast as hell
70-73 borean tundra - levelling here shouldn't take you more than an hour/hour and a half per level.
74-77 dragonblight - slows down a bit 1:15 - 2 per level.
77-78/79 sholazar - meh okay levelling, depends on how fast you can grind the kill quests here.
78/79- 80 storm peaks/ice crown. - not awful, going to ice crown can be helpful as the quests have more xp per.

Ice crown has some decently fun quests, you can switch it up and do 79-80 in IC like I do. there are more go to x and kill elite y quests in as well as some take control of x and pwn y.

It was way worse pre-nerf. Way worse. Take advantage of the tools they give you. Zul'drak's Amphitheater of Pain, the arena quest in ice crown, daily random dungeons and reducing time not levelling. It's boring, sucky and long but it goes by quickly with tv on.
Yes its terrible. I think it took me like 3 weeks to get to 80 because I hated northrend with a PASSION. I would constantly switch to alts so I didn't get tired of the game completely and leave it. Make a playlist of your favorite up beat songs. Slow songs + northrend will make you fall asleep. Just quest and try not to think into it to much.
It's really not that long, it just feels that way.
I agree 70-80 has great lore, but i hate it for some reason.

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