Level 70-80 is pointlessly long and brutal.

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try doing northren with no flying mount
There really isn't any leveling in this game that takes too long.
one thing i noticed but i always did lvling.. once u hit 75 before to always hit grizzly hills dailies.. great way to get some good exp each day.

if u have a friend or guildie who is in that lvl range and can heal or tank.. another sure way to lvl quick through it
The exp requirements to get from 70-80 have already been reduced once, if not twice.

It's not that bad.
lol yeah and nerf every other class but mine, and give me all legendary items pls
Back in Wrath, people complained about TBC leveling.

In TBC, people complained about Vanilla leveling.

Now, in Cataclysm, people complain about Wrath leveling.

It's simply the freshest old content in our minds, and as such that makes it boring.

I'm just glad that my 72 Paladin alt is a tank, with appropriate tanking gear. She'll be tanking her way through to 80+, and can skip all the quests and go back later to do them at my own leisure.

Great way to get tanking experience, too, imo. We need more up & coming tanks to go this route and learn to tank (as opposed to collecting tank gear and showing up at random heroic to tank for the first time).
70 - 80 Ruined my 10 levels a day spree :(
I think they have the time length of BC leveling set perfectly. It doesn't take too much time, it's amusing. You move a lot.

You have to wonder why Blizzard would want us to spend a few days in Northrend, I just don't see the point personally. They must know a lot of people are leveling alts and they probably don't feel like spending 7-10 days in Northrend. If a new player wants to explore and finish Northrend, nothing is stopping them. Meanwhile, it's just painful. I want to get to 85 and gear myself. Not spend days leveling in an old content that got boring 1 year ago.

I'm lucky, I don't have to work for a week, I can play all day and I should finish it in a few days, I'd not even bother if I was working all day. That's a problem, isn't it?
Maybe people aren't supposed to just blast through everything and skip half of every zone? Leveling is part of the game as well, and a good number of people enjoy it.

You don't expect to finish an RPG in a day of play, do you?
04/10/2011 12:03 PMPosted by Bearkiss
I feel like quitting, this is bothersome. Please, reduce the time it takes to level 70-80.

Wow, just saying but do not complain, if you would sit down and play, you can level like its nothing. If you do that already, then you are doing something wrong.
I'd rather do the 80-85 three times than one more time Northrend =/

Really, it's dull. Even the Old World before Cataclysm was less brutally boring.
All you QQers obviously weren't around back in classic, when leveling actually was slow and painful.

Try needing 210,000 XP to go from 59 to 60 doing quests that awarded 3k XP each.

Leveling is fine... suck it up. Blizzard doesn't giftwrap Level 80 toons just because you don't feel like spending days leveling in old content that go boring 1 year ago.

This is Bearkiss. As you can see I was around pre-bc. I have a Priest with rank 11 pvp too.

It doesn't change the fact that I think Northrend take too much time and energy.
The only reason it's taking me a month or so to get from 70 to 80 is because of both my job and the fact that this isn't the only game I play. Also, I'm not rushing.

I'm taking my time to level through Zul'drak at the moment. It's pretty sweet so far. As far as flying goes, nothing beats good music to go along with it. :)
It's not that long at all. If 70-80 is bad, then 80-85 is going to be even worse for you.
04/10/2011 01:52 PMPosted by Ailyne
70-74 is awful. 75-80 is fine.

At least you can PVP with season 4 gear at 70-74. Being alliance you should know its almost impossible to get a win in the 75-79 bracket.

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