Level 70-80 is pointlessly long and brutal.

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I generaly stop playing a character at 70. I have a Hunter, a warrior, A paladin, a druid, and I'm working on a second shaman. 70 is the magic number where I lose interest in a character and start something else.
70-80 its about 2 hours a level, its really not that long, I have 5 80+ characters, and to be honest 60-70 is the worst bracket to level through,
Here's the numbers I got from recently leveling a character without Heirlooms, but I did have 10% guild experience.

Keep in mind, I have done this repeatedly on multiple characters, so I know all the quests and where to go for them.

Total time played 1-85: 3 days 6 hours

Average time per level 1-60: 45 minutes
Average time per level 60-68: 1.5 hours
Average time per level 68-80: 3 hours

Nothing too bad, keep in mind this is without heirlooms. Now, the biggest problem comes from the fact that the Cataclysm zones are so much faster.

Average time per level 80-82: 1.5 hours
Average time per level 82-84: 2.5 hours
Average time per level 84-85: 4 hours

These are just estimates, obviously the 1-60 level time seems low because of the early levels, but it still is fairly fast.

TBC isn't as bad as I thought it was but it's still slow compared to the new zones, obviously. The problem is at the end of classic, you're pulling in 8-10k a quest, upwards to 15-29k for chain finales, and when you go into TBC your exp jumps two fold and you still get ~11k a quest.

Then Northrend comes around and your exp significantly increases yet again, but on average you only get ~20k a quest.

Then Cataclysm comes and your exp doesn't increase by a huge amount and you pull in ~25-30k a quest.

Northrend is slow, but it's not THAT slow. If I had heirlooms it would have been over extremely fast. It's boring, yeah, it's quite possibly the worst part of leveling, however, having done it when the game came out, it's a lot easier nowadays.

Here's a tip: www.ding85.com (formerly www.ding80.com) is a very nice Joana's like guide for all zones, and while you should use it at your own risk, it will speed things up immensely.
LOL some of you people slay me! With 2 billion a year server fees income you find it hard to believe they would make leveling time consuming? The longer it take the more money they rake in. Not hard to believe really they know you’ll pay. You paid for the expansions they know your addicted and like every one they well exploit that. Fast and easy does not make money for them.
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I feel like quitting, this is bothersome. Please, reduce the time it takes to level 70-80.

Outland was by far the worst grind for me.
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I feel like quitting, this is bothersome. Please, reduce the time it takes to level 70-80.

Yes it sucks. But you're 75 now and that means you're through the worst of it. Do a little bit of Dragonblight and Grizzly if you haven't and when you're 76 you can do stuff in Scholazar and Zul'Drak. Those two areas have better quests and don't drag as badly as the earlier zones. Also be sure to run each level appropriate instance at least once.

My other tip for you is to monitor your AH for level 77/78 Cata green gear. I managed to get a piece of level 78 cata gear for every slot and when I went to finish questing in Northrend I was either one or two shotting every mob - and believe me that actually made it kind of fun. In fact I actually kind of wanted to stay at 79 for a while I was having so much fun but ah well.
I suppose next you'll be asking Blizzard to automate movement, combat, quest retrieval and completion, and gold intake for you?

"Oh Blizzard, 70-80 is pointless and brutal, I feel like quitting, what we gonna do about it?"

"Oh Blizzard, I actually have to press buttons and move my character and stuff while playing..."

The time you spent QQing on these forums about your level grind is better spent knocking down quests and getting closer to the next ding.

Shut up and grind.
Stop crying and focus on lvling then u will be fine.if you can't even bother to lvl to 90.just quit
saids a level 85
Holy necro, Batman!
Can you people stop pointlessly necroing old threads?

This is literally over a year old
over 2 years old, actually
I did it in 1 day by soloing dungeons by myself.

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