Level 70-80 is pointlessly long and brutal.

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I actually loved leveling 70-80; Northrend is my favourite place in the game by far.

85-90 for me was way worse. The surroundings are too similar and I get bored.
OMG to me that is the best part!
Not nearly as brutal as 60-70 is.

But that's most likely my view because I love Northrend and hate pretty much everything about Outland.
Read the lore, very interesting. If you don't understand, research the back story. Take your time, enjoy the sites, maybe even make a background RP story for your character to give him'her some unique flair/purpose.
05/11/2013 08:15 PMPosted by Praying

Since this thread is a necro from more than 2 years ago, most of the complaints are no longer relevent.

You're an idiot.

How are they an idiot? This thread starting in April 04. They lowered the XP you needed for Northrend in November 04. This thread is no longer relevant and shouldn't of been necro'ed since it has already been addressed.
05/12/2013 03:05 AMPosted by Parzìval
I feel like quitting, this is bothersome. Please, reduce the time it takes to level 70-80.

It never ceases to amaze me how folks are still raging leveling these days

Check the date on the first post in the thread.
I actually think 70-85 is pretty good. Can skip a lot of zones to get better XP quests. 85-90 and 40-60 are the main reasons I can't get myself to make any more alts.
Trust me back when WOTLK came out it was worse. Much much worse though the French went 70-80 in 23 or 27 hours straight. But I feel for yeah
When there are a lot of people who have silhouettes on the first page, this means that a lot of people haven't logged in to those characters in a while.

This probably means you should check the date on the thread.
05/11/2013 08:15 PMPosted by Praying
You're an idiot.

So good to see the the individuals in the WoW community getting along with one another!
We all have that level range that breaks us OP. Mine is 55-68. Outland is dated and the instances are stupidly easy due Blizzard simply not balancing older content. And when I say stupidly easy, I mean I'm so disengaged that I'm bored.

Game starting at 90 isn't an excuse for piss poor management of content.

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