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When will we get an Oceanic Roleplaying Server?
Please Blizz, ive been waiting so long! There are so many problems associated with rp on US servers; not many people on at the right times, lag when raiding is ridiculous, cant use vent because its so far away.
Please, can we have one, or at least let us know that its going to happen eventually.
Yes! Oceanic realms definitely need a Roleplaying server!
Here's the deal. I like Roleplaying, but because all the servers are on the US realms, Roleplayers from Australia generally don't play on Roleplaying servers because there's no one else on when it's 8pm here and 1am there. As a result, I might end up with one or two people at the Pig and Whistle, if I'm lucky.

All I'm asking for is one server (with a cool name please!) on Oceanic realms so I can actually play with people in my own timezone!
Long over due.
its a simple fix. Decamp to a US rp server. Get enough numbers and youll have a community of sorts.
04/18/2011 05:57 AMPosted by Ippolitte
its a simple fix. Decamp to a US rp server. Get enough numbers and youll have a community of sorts.

Not really. We won't have a community. We'll have a guild and no active outside players. We'll miss out on local events due to timezone differences and despite our group of active players, the rest of the server will be dead.

A smple fix would be to give us an RP and RP-PVP realm. The US has dozens upon dozens or low servers. All ours are full.
It's been awhile since last post but I agree with what everyone said. No RP Oceanic server yet.
+1 :)
I would also like one. Was considering transferring to a US RP realm, but as has been said the time differences make that a completely unappealing prospect.
Hey guys, I totally agree with the idea. I'm an Australian RPer, and I'm sick and tired of the time zone difference. My dream is to run a HRP guild with focuses on PvP also. It will primarily be a late night (for the US rpers) Oceanic focused guild. My server is Wyrmrest Accord, please do not hesitate to send me in game mail, or even whisper my toon if you'd like to help me in starting this guild up.

Peace, Nogotori.
I'm an oceanic player as well, camping out on a normal RP server but I see little point as mentioned before I'm never around for any of the events or actual RP. Is there any "unofficial" Oceanic RP server?
I've seemed to find quite a few Alliance RP players on Nagrand.
Are there any good RP guilds on Oceanic servers?
I have a question, what exactly is rp? Like i know it stands for Role playing but i dont actually know what that would involve? i read the description for RP servers and it says there are stricter rules etc. But i am interested in RP, if it is what i think it is and im not talking about sex or anything lol.
08/04/2013 11:24 PMPosted by Vanorstus
I have a question, what exactly is rp?

Role-playing is basically acting. So just like in a movie or a play, you (the actor) play the character (Vanorstus).

Just like in a movie, or play, or book, the character will have background, personality, motivation, but it's up to you to come up with all of it and portray your character well.

So in game you try and act out what the character would do, instead of what you'd normally do. How far you take it is generally up to you, it might be simple things like a particular type of enemy you hate, or something that has a greater impact on your gameplay. For example as a troll druid of the Darkspear you might not use bird form except in dire circumstances, because the Darkspear think that bird spirits are weak.
/signed a million times under a million aliases.

:o How about in the meantime, we all decided on an Oceanic server and just roll RP there!
And if people get grumpy at us, we can just say:

"If you don't like it, yell at Blizz to give us an Oceanic RP realm!"

This has to happen.

- - -

P.S. If any of you fellow Oceanics play on Wyrmrest, feel free to walk-up :3

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