Goblin starting zone

OK Blizz, enough is enough with the instanced starting zones. Make a way out of them for the people who don't like them. I'm sure there are some people who love them, I'm not one of them and I know that I'm not alone. I don't care how you do it, I'd be fine with making it just part of the normal world, ie not an instance at all, or making some portal to Orgrimmar, or a boat you can take,...whatever. I enjoy getting up to 12th level or so in other parts of the world and find the goblin area annoying, I realize you put major effort into developing it, great, thank you. It was sort of quaint for my first goblin that I rolled, but now that that's over with I really don't want to roll another goblin because I know that I'll have to go through that annoying zone for what seems like forever.

Time to make a change.
It's the first 12 levels of the game... It takes a few hours at the most.
heres a solution, DONT ROLL A GOBLIN!

Problem solved!
I agree with the OP. Goblin and Worgen starter zones are cute once. Thereafter they are just a chore. I did them in Beta and regretted it. On live, I've rolled two goblins and two worgen. I won't be rolling any more as the starter zones are just a scripted chore now.
I rolled a goblin and a worgen, and I thought the zones were great. But there so long and the quests are exactly the same that the idea of making a second goblin or worgen is very unappealing. Kinda like the DK starting point but 5 times longer :P
I love how I can roll an undead and quest through the blood elf zones or durotar, or take my troll over to mulgore and quest with a tauren friend who rolled at the same time as me. You should choose the race based on desired racials or appearance moreso that avoiding the dread of repeating one of the new zones. This is especially true for those who wish to level thru battlegrounds, but are locked into the zones until level 13 or 14 (if using BoAs and/or in a guild), missing out on the entire first bracket.

The highest goblin I leveled was 5.
couldn't stomach the zone.
I totally agree. I am hoping in 5.2 they will change it or at least pretty soon. I want to say that the Blood Elf and Draenei starting zones were like that at some point. But after a while they changed it to where you could leave the zones. It is especially bad with RAF getting the triple exp and then all of a sudden xp is gone because you have out leveled the quests(no body wants to work/quest for free!!lol). You can't even que for a dungeon because you haven't even gotten half way through the zone. The RAF summon doesn't even break you out of it, so you are kind of forced to play same race or start playing with each other once that person has finally made it out of the starting zone. I say they should have an account wide achievement for it and if you have the achievement that you should be able to skip past the zoned intro area and start at level 1 in the orc(goblin) or nighelf(worgen) or some other starting zone. It is just about time change it up since Cata is old news. But maybe keep the achv/skip option in mind for the future.

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