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Hey Guys,

This isn't a qq thread just saying what I like about the game and had a few ideas. Its all in the details but details can be worked out. Cataclysm is pretty cool game. I've been with WoW almost since the begining. The re-work of old world after being lvl 85 with it and having lvled a few toons thought it was a pretty good job all around.
I still often see most of the people still hang around in SW all day just messing around. But, I found what was good about Wow in the begining is there was an active server population out side doing one thing or another and I thought archeology was was a nice step toward that.

Would it be feasible to have more activities outside?

A random daily quest hub that can be used to earn extra points. They're optional but you have to get there. Perfect for a few bored lvl 85's. I like Lake Dumont in Ferelas to be a neat spot to hop too for a few extra fishing quests, or Moonglade to save ome bunnys. Maybe make the main vendor in SW but he'll send ya off on to the place that ya have to travel too. Maybe they can link up where current pvp dailies are being held in order to knock out 8 dailies instead of 3 or 4 from just the cooking/fishing.

Pvp dailies. A simple idea to throw out would be the simple flags that need to be held like in South Grizzley hills. They can appear at certain towns like... i dont know ... maybe Cross Roads. I remember that place was fun. After you win or lose you could hop down alittle and take out a few non-pvp dailies just south of town. These would be daily spawn points that could be moved from one zone to the other. Everyone gets the idea.

Pve which is my favorite:DD:D
A weekly quest/raid boss.
A group can have the capacity to unlock this boss once a week who ever is in the raid that kills it. Another raid id. However with a twist. To unlock easy mode a group will have to plan it out as an activity by doing some farming. I play on a pve server and there are people who consider Cata raiding to be something of an obsticale for them. This will give some of these people something to do to earn gear... just in a different pve setting and on a server basis. The idea is simple. If you are raiding you will probably be able to unlock hardmode right away and have it as a farm boss or maybe it could take on a progression on its own. That would be a neat idea to incorporate into new content too.

Rewards for doing the quests to unlock easy mode would not have to be taken as a negative thing either. Players could have the potential to earn possibly gold a week just from doing them and they would be only a few hours tops to complete and you would have all week to complete them too.

PVP Raid Boss. I'm not much of a pvp'er guys so bear with me. A pvp boss aming in random parts with different spawn points during the day players could go to defeat. Horde and alliance will have quests against each other to do around this guy. Could have a loot table like the current TB boss.

I know there is alot of fundimental details that would need to be worked out to use them in this at this point in time, but i felt Cata was a good game, there came a point here it just this is the kind of progression there is needed in the game aside from istances... another possible sideways expansion into this world.

Sorry for the wall of text, I've said my peace.

Taker easy:D

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