Aftermath - 8/13H - 3 Night 12h Week US 50th

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About Us
Aftermath was created near the launch of World of Warcraft from a group of serious players who were interested in seeing end-game content. Over seven years of consistent and stable progression, we have evolved into a mature guild concentrated exclusively on PvE progression. Aftermath members range from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. However, the typical member is a young working professional in their mid-twenties with a significant MMO/gaming history. This will most likely be your last guild should you pass trial and earn membership. Players who are hanging up their raiding shoes typically retire within the guild.

We have always resided on Mal'Ganis, one of the original WoW launch servers. Mal'Ganis is a Horde dominated high population server with a strong PvE and PvP community. It also boasts a great economy and ample PuG opportunities. Transfers usually wonder why they did not join a higher population realm sooner.

Our main goal is to be an end-game progression guild. We put a lot of effort into our progress, but we never ask our members to raid extra hours outside of our schedule. Our focus is always the enjoyment of the raiding experience over our ranking and progression. With that said, we do take pride in what we have been able to accomplish. Here is the obligatory list of past significant and current kills:

Mists of Pandaria
H: Stone Guard US 63rd
H: Feng the Accursed US 51st
H: Gara'jal the Spiritbinder US 37th
H: Elegon US 46th
H: Four Kings US 41st
H: Will of the Emperor US 33rd

H: Imperial Vizier Zor'lok US 47th
H: Blade Lord Ta'yak US 44th
H: Garalon US 30th
H: Wind Lord Mel'jarak US 34th
H: Amber-Shaper Un'sok US 20th
H: Grand Empress Shek'zeer US 45th

H: Protectors of the Endless US 21st
H: Lei Shi US 32nd
H: Tsulong US 39th
H: Sha of Fear US 34th

According to WoW Progress we were the 1st 3 night/week guild in the US to clear all T11 25m heroic content. In T13 we were also the 1st 3 night/week guild in the world to clear Dragon Soul in Heroic 25 difficulty.

H: Madness of Deathwing US 24th
H: Spine of Deathwing US 24th (pre-nerf)
H: Warmaster Blackhorn US 17th
H: Ultraxion US 22nd
H: Yor'sahj US 49th
H: Hagara US 29th
H: Warlord Zon'ozz US 28th

H: Ragnaros US 43rd

H: Al'Akir US 46th
H: Sinestra US 82nd
H: Cho'gall US 46th
H: Nefarian US 33rd

Algalon US 19th
Yogg0 US 53rd
H: Lich King US 96th
Tribute to Immortality
H: Halion US 85th

Kil'jaeden US 41st

Raid Schedule
We raid three days a week during progression. A 4th raid night is NEVER added for progression like some other 3 night/week guilds.

Wednesday: 8PM CST - 11:30PM CST
Sunday: 6PM CST - 11PM CST
Monday: 8PM CST - 11:30PM CST

Loot is distributed via an officer lead loot council. Tanks are given priority. Members and recruits are awarded loot based on performance, attendance, usefulness, and past loot received. Loot is a means to an end.

Guild Perks
Full time raiding members of Aftermath enjoy free repairs, consumables (food, flasks, and potions), item enchantments, and gems. The guild pays for almost everything and even recruits get free repairs.

Recruitment Needs
Aftermath always considers exceptional players. We are specifically looking for the following:

Restoration Druid
Mistweaver Monk
Elemental Shaman
Restoration Shaman

Please apply at

Contact outside game: aftermath.malganis (Skype, GMail)
Contact in-game: Darthhfu, Marza, Aesaa
Oh hi there
Applying bump.
Is it just me or is the realm forum much less popular this expansion?
It's just you.
Used to be great. Now just good. Still think and act like they are great.
I don't understand why guilds want WoL parses, etc etc as part of their application. It's stupid. That's why guilds have trial periods.

Not that I'm interested, I've got a pretty cool and laid back raid family, but ya'll are probably losing out on a lot of aps. A good friend and damn good mage just closed his application because of that %!#%.

This is an amazing troll...or is it?
Yeah Aftermath, what is your problem to ask for logs as a 13/13 guild. God elitist!

/sarcasm off

Grats on the kill guys.
up for Firelands
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