Aftermath - 8/13H - 3 Night 12h Week US 50th

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Hi Allaphon :3
hi sinner
Happy holidays
Bump for old friends! Keep up the good work!
Bump for 6/8HM! Grats!
Legendary mage here. Don't judge me by my achievement points; I created this toon at the beginning of Cataclysm. I began raiding in general near the end of wrath, but am generally adverse to the term Wrath Baby. I can pull more than my weight but realize that an alive mage does more damage than a dead one.

Logs to reference myself :
I heard you guys actually bake and hand out cookies before heroic raids... is this true? What flavor?
quitter bump
Feel free to apply Klinks.
crossover and come inside
Oooohhhh sometimes I get a good feeling
shift 6
face looks jaded clothes look faded

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