Aftermath - 8/13H - 3 Night 12h Week US 50th

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I am very interested in joining.

I will message you in game once I am home from work. Which should be approx 6pm server time.
Updated, bumping.
Bump 5/6H
Grats on 6/6 guyz
Grats grats
TY Both from Probably Naked.
Thanks guys
Bump for 1/6 HM in HoF!!
yay for Aftermath
Happy Thanksgiving Mal'Ganis!
I got a bonsai tree today
I miss bear runs.
11/26/2012 02:36 PMPosted by Tauranicus
I miss bear runs.

Hi friend
Bump for finding my healer replacement.
Bump for Windlord killled

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