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Dearest OP: (If you have bothered to read this thread this far, I commend you. It seems that a blue flagged post can attract some particularly scummy people to post)

I was getting the feeling from the verbiage you used that you often feel, as a gay man, you're under-represented in gaming and specifically gaming in WoW, on your server.

I am not sure if you are aware, but the US Proudmoore server (PST) is unofficially the LGBT Friendly server. Before oceanic realms, it was also unofficially the Aussie server. This has contributed to Proudmoore having a very diverse, liberal, and worldwide population (Raid Guilds from all timezones are easily available)

As a fellow Gaymer, I invite you to come check out Proudmoore (If you havent already!) Every guild is LGBT Friendly (and in fact, most guilds contain many LGBT members); My gaming experience has changed so drastically since joining that I cannot help but offer it as a solution to avoid the persistant homophobia displayed by the gaming community "at large."

Hope to see you in Realm :)
This is an unexpected and awesome idea, I approve! Mostly due to a morbid curiosity of what the female versions of a Felguard and Voidwalker look like
I just want to say, you guys are going to do this to warlock PETS but not to druid forms?

I want an explanation to this.

EDIT: Not to mention the outdated druid forms like moonkin and travel form. Blizzard is more concerned with warlock PETS. Yes.

What is the difference between a male and female bear?

But i agree with you on outdated moonkin and placeholder-travel form.
04/14/2011 03:56 PMPosted by Sothe
looking forward to female felguard :D



Oh man, I would LOVE for this to happen. I always did love running around outlands enslaving those for fun.
Well, so now that this in the talks, how about a female form for metamorphosis?
(Not sure if this has been mentioned in the thread already, and don't really want to scroll through 17 pages to check)
I mean, I rolled a female because I AM a female, and the meta form is very clearly male, so it would be nice to look like a female, even when using it!
I mean, why does becoming a demon mean I have to become male?
04/14/2011 03:49 PMPosted by Zarhym
I'm happy to share we actually do have plans for offering players a choice between male and female versions of all warlock demons. This is a task already in our system, though I don't have a time frame for you at the moment. Other art tasks could always take precedence, but we're committed to making this happen. :)

So, you'll spend the time to create new models/animations/voice for demons. But you wont change the color of our fire?


This just seems... unnecessary.
04/14/2011 08:31 PMPosted by Sophiakip
Same with... well, all of the others except the felguard. A female voidwalker? Will it be pink?

Blizzard, do it!
Of all warlock demons?

Wouldn't the 2 versions of a Voidwalker look VERY VERY stupid?

It'll take one hell of a art team to pull it off imo.

It will just be pink or pinkish purple color.
Please don't tell me this will mean that you're going to be making Voidwalkers, Imps, and Felguards with boobs. Is everything mammalian in the Warcraft universe? (Nevermind highly sexualized, to boot.)

Not every species has massive, obvious sexual dimorphism.
While this is cool and all (and my lock alt will appreciate it!) WTB updated moonkin form first please!
04/14/2011 09:05 PMPosted by Camisado
While this is cool and all (and my lock alt will appreciate it!) WTB updated moonkin form first please!

Stop being selfish.

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