WTB Incubus. No, not the terrible band.

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04/15/2011 02:15 AMPosted by Planter
In this sense, if one believes that the natural order refers to that which can provide a species a means to survive, and even thrive, then homosexuality goes against the natural order, and presents a fatal flaw to said species.

If the species can survive, it's not a fatal flaw.
04/15/2011 01:22 AMPosted by Phazon
Does this mean female ghoul pets!? :D

WTB the option for the more masculine Water Warden and Ice Revenant models for Mages' Water Elementals!

Typical Blizz, always playing favorites with classes! *Presses tongue firmly into cheek.* Me first, me first!

Anyway, congrats Warlocks! This really sounds like an awesome update. I don't even have a 'lock and I'm excited to see how it turns out. :D

... and I am serious about wanting the Water Elemental models one day as well, haha.
hm lets see void male imp hmm female would be interesting succubus FEMALE! doom thingy female prolly ugly so male

cosmetic change to some warlock pets is the last thing warlocks need done to them currently

It's understandable you feel that way. I just ask that you recognize I added the caveat that we don't have a set time frame for doing this -- it's just something our artists are excited about doing. With that said, also recognize that artists don't balance classes, nor will the class balance team be designing new gender models for your demons. ;)

Nor can the development team make your demon like you.. it will still kill you if it gets the chance.. dirty warlocks!
04/11/2011 11:39 PMPosted by Detraxi
I know that is sometimes a big deal here in this game, where it seems to be mainly male dominated and, sadly, mainly hetero.

On that note, if I can suggest what might be a cool idea, maybe you'd be interested in trying something along the lines of what the RP-ers in Final Fantasy XIV did? The game doesn't have any dedicated RP servers like WoW does, so the entire community of FFXIV RP-ers just started spreading the word, "Besaid shall be the unofficial RP server." They posted on forums, and people who read them told their friends IRL, and those friends spread the word in-game, and so on...

...and it worked wonders.

If it honestly saddens you that you're mostly surrounded by hetero players, then maybe you might find it worthwhile to attempt starting a similar movement for non-heterosexual players in WoW? Pick a server, and tell your friends to tell your friends' friends to tell their friends that X server is on its way to becoming the "unofficial GLBT server." Hey, if even Disneyland can support unofficial Gay Days (which get HUGE attendance for unofficial word-of-mouth events) then I see no reason why it can't work in WoW!

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