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The Patchwerk 10man achievement requires 24k raid dps. Nowadays 24k personal dps is quite good. Not quite soloable, but that's the scale of outdated we're talking about. Heigan's Eruption does 7k damage every couple seconds, not nearly enough to kill anyone anymore even if they tried to die. You can get Malygos down to 1 hp in phase 1. The only one that might screw people up is Shocking! because the slightest touch fails it.

Zerging Sartharion is in no way comparable to the original hard mode. It's still fun, and don't think I'm trying to discourage anyone from doing it, but don't pretend it's hard. I'm glad you enjoyed getting your Red Proto-Drake, and like collecting mounts, but try to see it from the point of view of people that busted hump every week when it was new and difficult for their prizes. You weren't there, like you said. Doing it in 2011 is not at all the same. Showing off (like you said) that you and your friends beat Naxx achievements now is beyond silly.

The developers know full well that "Glory of the Raider" drakes would be trivially easy to obtain now; it's up to them if they think giving everyone one would be a good thing. Currently, the reward for 'putting in the time' to take a port to Northrend and punch 2.5 year old bosses is a big pile of achievement points, and I personally think that's perfect.

P.S. Giant old-gear bank bag for 9000 ach point reward, make it happen!

I'm glad to hear that your raiding group is able to zerg bosses so quickly. It's quite impressive and if I recall correctly, is worth a few achievements in and of itself. The group I go with still regularly wipes on things like Sarth, KT, Maly, and Ulduar bosses. I could theorize as to why, but that's not the point. The point is we're not as good as you and that it is, in fact, still a bit tricky for the people in my skill category to beat old raid bosses.

Does that mean we suck? Probably, but we still have fun attempting these things. We still haven't beat Ulduar, actually, and that's with most of us being at 85. To us it feels like a downing the bosses and doing it in a way that earns the achievements is quite a feat and something we want to be able to show off to each other.

Is it really? Obviously not, to people like you who already have the drakes and an easy time with zerging the bosses now. Kudos! You're awesome! It IS impressive to do what you've done. That's why there are rewards for it.

But I think we're always going to disagree on the significance of those rewards. Those advocating removal see it as a trophy item, something they got when it was hardest to get and therefore anyone who doesn't face the exact same difficulty they did should never be allowed to have it. It is a trophy item, something to show off to the world and say 'I am better than you' or 'faster than you' or 'I have been playing the game longer'. Probably all three.

Me? I'm saying the exact same thing. And then I'm offering to help my guildmates reach that point too. "Look! I have a shiny bronze drake! Oh, you want one too? 'kay, lets go run Stratholme!"
the queston i have how come my game still will not start i have not played it all day and thats aggavating
For the Guild Achievement "That's a Lot of Bait" this one either needs to be reduced from 10,000 or ALL fish counted, not JUST in pools. That's just a totally ridiculous amount for a small guild, and for ONLY pools to count as FISHING.
If Iron Chef can be made into an Achievement, can't the name Iron Chef also be a TITLE. Many of us have worked very hard, for a long time gathering all of those recipes. A nice reward for that would be / should be Iron Chef title.
04/13/2011 10:30 AMPosted by Goblique
I'm really disappointed. I was really hoping for a realistic acknowledgment of how incredibly broken A Mask for all Occasions is.

umm i did it the2-3 years able to do so (sry have been playing since vanilla and cant remember how mna octobers have passed since wotlk came out...) and i'm only missing 2 it is also not needed for meta achievement so who cares... i also havent gotten the black tux pants in the 2 or 3 years either no and complaints here. i am rather fond of the Q&As since although i do live stream i havent yet gone to blizzcon and i feel this is a way i can influence and crop out some of the "well if you had listened to us talking 5 minutes ago you would have heard..." questions

We do offer pets, mounts and titles for specific achievements, and we’re unlikely to ever do anything much more “mandatory” than those.

In the Limnologist you promised a title and when many of us were close to, or had completed it , you took the title away. So much for your reward system. Does the term" renege " translate into geek speak? To add insult to injury you are now giving titles for achieves that are ridiculously easy. Titles should be for hard achievement lines.
04/13/2011 09:24 AMPosted by Bashiok
On that note, we are adding unique ground mounts to winning rated Battlegrounds similar to the flying mounts you get for excelling at Arenas.

YES!!! Blizz, please for the love of my love, please tell me when you plan to release these. Hearing you say this is so great. :D
Is there a possibillity of making any dungeons that have guild Achievements, that would not require that the party members be a certian Level to enter, if all the party members are of the same guild, as they are going for guild achievements, and the dungeon was not Q'ed for by the normal , through the dungeon finder but chosen by the guild?
04/26/2011 09:46 PMPosted by Incantatrice
For the Guild Achievement "That's a Lot of Bait" this one either needs to be reduced from 10,000 or ALL fish counted, not JUST in pools. That's just a totally ridiculous amount for a small guild, and for ONLY pools to count as FISHING.

No thanks.

One person in my guild got this in under two weeks. Literally, one person. By herself.

If you're having problems with it, you're not trying hard enough.
04/13/2011 09:24 AMPosted by Bashiok
A: PvP achievements are even trickier to design than PvE achievements because it’s harder to come up with something cool to do that doesn’t make the experience worse for everyone else.

School of Hard Knocks?
For the "what a long, strange trip its been" achieve, they should have a way to do those over for an achieve like "the trip back was just as strange", like 1 of the progressing achievements, that way therre could be a cool mount to try for when u finally get the purple proto and holidays become pretty boring
I also hate that I have achievements on other characters that ill never get on others, such as "competitors tabard" and stuff like that, i wish they would at least make feats acoount, if not realm wide, as in all of YOUR characters on 1 realm
Will we ever see Enchanters get endgame wand creation? or was the low level wand creation a fluke? How bout a disenchant daily? or a daily quest to get a shard? Seems enchanting is the welfare cheese profession of wow..everyone else gets 359 crafting, cheap patterns, and dailies..we get very hard spells to acquire (easier now with de's in ZA/ZG but only recently..) and 2g tips for Power Torrent.

It doesn't hurt anyone. That is why i find it so silly when somebody tries to argue otherwise.

In the same vein that more character customization is a good idea, having some things not accessible anymore is a good idea. It creates uniqueness for players, which allows them to have a more personal connection with their character, increasing their desire for the game.

And trust me, I know the feeling of being shafted by Immortal.

Hmm not really. Having things not accessible anymore is in fact a bad idea. It may create uniqueness for players who have them, and increase their desire for the game, like you said. But according to the same logic, it may discourage other players who deeply want those things to play, thus generating less money for Blizzard.

Ans trust me, i'm not sure thats what Blizzard want.
Tell you what if you fix bugs in 4.1 and also acknowledge them on the bug forum I will give blizzard the achievement of "Customer Service."
i miss my keymaster achi and the ghostbuster ref i used to make with it
I want my Feat of Strength Achievement for working my arse off to get all of those damned keys for the "Keymaster" achieve! Instead, it was just removed. That was a heck of a lot more time consuming and frustrating than logging in "during WoW's fifth birthday", yet we have the achieve for that!
04/13/2011 09:24 AMPosted by Bashiok
If you are doing achievements today, it should be because you like to do them, not because you’re hoping for some additional reward to materialize in the future.

If this is the case, then what is the deal with mounts/pets that are only obtainable through the achievement process? Mei Francis would like to have a few words with you after lunch...

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