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theyre actually worried about people who went thru heroic efforts to gain something... well, THIS is a total and complete lie. i got my "ambassador" title before i hit lvl 60. the old fasion way. NOW with these tabards anyone can have it by the time theyre 30. if these people REALLY cared about the players and their efforts, "ambassador" would be a FoS and a new title for that same now easy-as-pie-shouldnt-even-BE-an-ach-anymore achievement would be given.
LOL there is nothing "Fine about getting an average of 55 rep points per game when the exalted requirement is 21000, While I understand that these BGs can be done over and over again I think its just unfair, this is why you don't see anyone with the associated title. For one the only way to earn a decent amount of Rep points is to not only win but to cap EVERY flag. Which means that the following statement:

04/13/2011 09:24 AMPosted by Bashiok
PvP achievements are even trickier to design than PvE achievements because it’s harder to come up with something cool to do that doesn’t make the experience worse for everyone else. You don’t want to see the one dude who is trying to engineer capturing and losing a flag twenty times in one BG just so he can get the achievement for capturing a lot of flags

Completely false. Which makes the devs hipocrits. Don't get me wrong I appreciate what they do on a day to day basis, but you cant justify the fact that those two reps in particular are

04/13/2011 09:24 AMPosted by Bashiok
fine as achievements

when to get them would literally take months of running one particular BG, winning every time, and being the one to either capture the flag/node, and being the one to defend/retake the flag/node EVERY SINGLE TIME. And really it doesn't hurt anyone to make them even a little easier to get. Even something as simple as increasing the amount of rep gained in AB during a resource tick to like 50 instead of like 1. Without honor marks to turn in, or an equivalent item to buy with honor this achievement will take people YEARS to accomplish, and if anyone here thinks thats fair then they should be shot.
I would like to put my hat into the return naxx achievement mounts ring. Might as well at this point.
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The answers are in from our last installment of Ask the Devs. We will start a new questions round next week. Please keep in mind that each edition of Ask the Devs is focused on a specific topic, as noted in the thread title.

Q: When will achievements finally be awarded account-wide? – Larosh (Europe [German]), Eneia & Payasos (Europe [Spanish]), Rageudder & Kellgros (Europe [English]), Деадхил (Europe [Russian]), Nyn (North America/ANZ), 기사는아무나 (Korea)

A: Making achievements account-wide is something we'd like to do, but it's not a goal we could provide a current timetable for. All of the original World of Warcraft coding was done with the expectation that the data on every realm would always be independent. Now that we are trying to make as many things as possible account-wide, we’re having to rebuild all of those systems. It is absolutely something we want to do, but it will take a lot of time away from other features.

Does the answer also apply to BoA gear? I find it rather senseless that now i have one of each set of BoA gear on one realm and I can't send it to characters on a different realm. Same goes for the Onixia Whelp, I logged in on WoW's 5th anniversary but my new characters on different realms don't get the achievement or the pet that goes with it. Don't get me wrong I love fresh characters and how it feels to play one, but i have a whole bank full of BoAs and no one to use them unless i delete a character and make a new one.
got a question for blizz... why is it in PvP areas such as arenas people who stack PvE gear does alot better damage or heals win more matches than those who are decked out in PvP gear shouldn't there have been a certain limit of what PvE gear can do in PvP based areas such as BGs and arenas and PvP is a must have because of the name Player vs Player not PvE doing better
Still waiting to see a new mount achievement. ):
I'd like to see a greater reward for killing rare spawn, like a title or a rare pet. It sucks that we work so hard to hunt them down, and get nothing in return.

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