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Okay, before you start to cry "AMG stop trying to subliminally advertize" or "Shut up and go home nerd", I want to clarify a couple things:

1. Yes, this is on Youtube. That being said, the purpose of this thread is in no way some slanted attempt to get more views or try to improve viewership.
2. I'm asking this here for a reason: you are my audience. The same people who are willing to go out of their time to read about a game they could be otherwise playing are the same ones who could be enthused about a video series breathing new life into characters you may or may not have encountered.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, I'll get to the point of this thread...

First and foremost, if you can, please watch my videos (And feel free to stop watching at any minute-marker for whatever reason - that type of feedback is much appreciated, too! (And there's only 2, ranging from 4-6 minutes in length)) and give me feedback on them.

Feedback that helps:

-Liked the video, but didn't like the part when you took the creative liberty to alter the personality of the main character of the first video.
-Did not like the video. Most specifically, I hated the fact that you deviated whatsoever from the Warcraft lore. I'm a purist, and would enjoy the videos much more if I knew there was a lore-infused integrity within the videos.
-Thought the videos were okay, but could be improved upon by less repetition of images and a clearer sound quality.
-At minute-marker 2:33, you mentioned the name "Carl" but the image clearly represents the character "Larry". I know this may have been a misstep in the details, but details count!
-I got about 30 seconds into the first video and closed it. I was bored out of my mind. It would have been nice to see some action right away, but after seeing the same stale image of a man standing there once every 10 seconds, I was totally gone.

Feedback that doesn't help:

-Really good, keep it up! (While that's nice to hear, as I've said above, I'm not looking to try to create more fans with this thread, but to make it so you (the viewer) has a more pleasant experience with the video. I'm catering it to you!)
-Meh, could have been better...
-Get a life nerd.

All of that said, there are a few things that I feel I should clarify about the video series in its current state:

No, it does not have a direct reflection of the Warcraft lore. While I do maintain several character names and histories, I am not afraid to take creative liberties that may conflict with the Warcraft lore (Which is one of the main reason I try to pick obscure characters).

Yes, I do plan to try to tackle broader and more specific topics than the whole "We'll be talking about this city, but actually we'll be talking about this guy who just happens to be in the city." I plan to expand by horizons, but, with only two videos out, I have not had a lot of time to expand my creativity.

This series is very much in the infant phase. I have my fragmented, obscure ideas of where I want it to head; however, I am not opposed to changing the overall direction of the series should I have an overwhelming majority telling me to do one thing over the other. I've got ideas of where I'd like to see it go, but, ultimately, I'm doing this for you guys and I want you to enjoy the experience of viewing what I've got to share and releasing the inner writer and storyteller that I've got inside me. (That sounded lame, but okay) It's great if I am passionate about making 300 videos all in relation to expanding upon the life of a girl named Helen hiding in a cave in Northshire Abbey, but if I've only got 3 other people in the WoW-community who will enjoy all 300, I'm doing something wrong. I'm not trying to get my validation from the viewers, but I do like to please. Seeing as this is in the infancy stage, it's got room to grow in several different directions - and I want those who will (hopefully) watch it to help be guide it to a place where they will enjoy what they are viewing.

And last but not least, links to the videos.

Episode 1:
Episode 2:

Again, if you've gotten this far in the thread, I appreciate the time you've spent to read thus far and if you could leave any feedback, I greatly appreciate it :)

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