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[Alliance] - <Dedication>

Raid Direction:
10+25 Hardmode Content

Raid Time:
GMT+8 9:45pm-12/1am

i.e.[ GMT+10(Server Time) 11:45pm-2/3am; DST+1hour - 12:45am-3/4am ]

T12 1/7H
T11 9/13H


Latest Update(s):

After much delay, our recruitment is now OPEN.

***Recruitment for the following classes is of the highest priority [10/8/2011]***

25-man Raid Team:

Balance Druid x1
Hunter x2
Rogue x2
Elemental Shaman x1

Restoration Druid x1
Holy Paladin x1

10-man Raid Team:


All exceptional players with classes not included in the foregoing list will still be considered.


<Dedication> in Aman'Thul is calling all dedicated players who are looking for a late night raiding guild (GMT+8/GMT+10) for whatsoever reasons. We are a raiding guild that can suit your timetable!

We are a GMT+8 raiding guild with members mostly from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and North America. We are dedicated players who enjoy raiding in a serious and efficient manner.

Our raid time is rare among the Oceanic servers since we raid rather late at night: around GMT+8 10pm-1am (Server Time late night 12:00am-3am) compared to other Oceanic guilds.

We are currently organizing ONE 25-man raid.

High attendance and adequate class & encounter knowledge are compulsory.

We are currently looking for mature and exceptional raiders to strengthen our roster line-up. If you are up for the PvE HC challenge and want to join our force, please apply!

Raid Times

(1) 25-man Raiding Team (Medium of Language: English+Chinese):

(GMT+8) WED THURS SUN MON: 9:45pm-12:30am [HK/SG TimeZone)
i.e. [ GMT+10(Server Time) 11:45pm-3am; DST +1hour - 12:45am-4am ]

*10-man Schedule (Optional):

(GMT+8) FRI SAT 9:45pm-12:30am [HK/SG TimeZone)
i.e. [ GMT+10(Server Time) 11:45pm-2:30am; DST +1hour - 12:45am-3:30am ]

**The 10-man schedule is for clearing up leftover bosses in 25-man raids.

Raid Progression:

T12 Content 1/7H

Hardmode Content: 1/7H

- Heroic Shannox (10/25))

Normal Content: 7/7

- Shannox (10/25)
- Beth'tilac (10/25)
- Lord Rhyolith (10/25)
- Baleroc (10/25)
- Alysrazor (10/25)
- Majordomo Fandral Staghelm (10/25)
- Ragnaros (10/25))

T11 Content 9/13H

Hardmode Content: 9/13H

Blackwing Descent 5/6 -
- Heroic Magmaw (10/25)
- Heroic Omnotron Defense System (25)
- Heroic Maloriak (10/25)
- Heroic Atramedes (10/25)
- Heroic Chimaeron (10/25)

The Baston of Twilight 2/5 -
- Heroic Halfus (10/25)
- Heroic Valiona & Theralion (25)

Throne of the Four Winds 2/2 - FULL CLEAR
- Heroic Conclave of Wind (10)
- Heroic Al'Akir (10)

Normal mode Content: 12/12

What we offer:-

- Late night quality raiding which always aims for improvements and better progression

- Guild repairs for all raider ranks (trial recruits or above)

- Guild supported flasks and food

- Assistance in theorycrafting and UI / addon optimization

What we expect:-

- Theorycrafted toons

- T12 raid-ready gears (HC preferred)

- End-game minded; accustomed to lots of wipings in the harderbosses

- High attendance & punctuality is a must

- Adequate knowledge of your class

- Prepare for fights and not expecting to be carried: prior research on the encounters by yourself is required

- Good attitude towards raiding; must be able to handle criticisms

- If you are unable to attend a raid, you are required to notify the officers / make a notification post on our forums


All classes are now open for recruitment.

Application Procedure

Please head to our website at http://dedication.guildlaunch.com/ and post an application following the format found in the sticky onthe recruitment thread. We highly value the amount of details you provide and the effort you pay in answering every question. If youwish to privately put up an application, please create an account on our forum and PM an application and we will put it up in our private app section to be reviewed by officers.

Thank you for your interest in <Dedication>, we are hoping to hearing from you soon!
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