Holy/disc w/ Resto Druid LF 10m raiding guild

Aerie Peak
(Quick Note: I posted this thread before a month ago, but instead of bumping an old thread, I decided to create a new one. I just came back from my month long break and I'm back looking for a guild again.)

Hello Aerie Peak. I just recently left a guild of 2 years and I feel it is time for me to move on. I am a holy/discipline priest mainly, but can also trade disc in for shadow to pull great dps. I also have an 85 Resto/Kitty druid, 83 Holy pally, and 72 Resto shaman.

I am looking for a 10 man raiding guild that have raid nights mainly on Thursday through Sunday anytime after 7:00pm server with 3-4 hours available for raiding. I am mainly looking for a guild that is focused on progression and has members with good raid attendance and most importantly, friendly.

If you think I am right for your guild, post here info about your own guild, recruitment or send me an ingame message or tell.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to post them here.

Thanks in advance.
Random level 1 alt vouching. Good etc.

Also if you decline his/her app I'll make sure you're the guest star on the next dateline NBC.
<Game Øver>
10 man guild - Horde - Frostmourne

Not sure if times suit but we need a resto druid, We could use your priest for pvp and as a back up to our main raids.

We are a Perth (GMT+ 8) based guild who raids 3 days a week (Wed/Thur/Mon)
9pm to 12am (Perth Time) - 11pm to 2am (Server Time). 9 hour week raiding schedule.

We are looking for a suitable and reliable Resto Druid, core spot available.
Please check out our forum blurb here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2301630381#1

Our website: www.gameoverguild.org
Or email/MSN chat: nettsharkjnr@hotmail.com
to bad your on a diff server and looking for a 10 not 25 =(

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