[H] <Red Terror> 10mans wants another mans

Area 52
Red Terror, the 10 man, 7 hours/wk wrecking crew is opening recruitment.

We are currently 2/6 (H) in MSV and 2/6 into HOF.

Raid times are:
Wednesday 9pm-Midnight EST
Sunday 8pm-Midnight EST

As we only raid 7 hours a week, we expect any recruit to be available every single raid, every hour. Real life !@!@ comes up and that's fine, but do not bother applying if you can't fully commit to raids.

Loot is done by council. In 10s loot is pretty straight forward so it has served us well.

Class Needs:
Shadow Priest
Good players of other classes will be considered. Feel free to inquire.

Know your class and be able to learn encounters quickly and execute. Have TS3. A mic is a big plus. Know the mods you need to make yourself more successful.

Gear wise - 480ish is preferred, but as long as you're not in garbage we can probably carry you a little.

If you forget WoW is a game sometimes and are too %%!%ing serious for your own good don't bother. We play this game for fun and enjoy killing new !@!@ and are not going to put up with bad attitudes. Be prepared to spend evenings wiping to the same !@!@ for hours.

Can't stress how important it is that you are a chill person. I have no desire to deal with children or people who stir up drama.

We gear to win raids, not win raids to gear. If gear is more important to you than progression, I probably won't like you very much.

Leontrotsky, Creamo, Oreopie/Persistént


Workers of the World, Unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains!
^Bump^ For cookies or Mana cakes! :)
^^^ 2/13 H Still looking for Mage or Warlock :-)
bump - cloth is rotting - pls help
Im a Ilvl 358 warlock with 1/13 HC Atramedes experience (done on my other char, Ichigosr). Im looking for a farther progressed 10 man guild who is consistant.

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hydraxis/soulreper/simple

Real ID: alexsword5@yahoo.com
5/13 HM's not that it matters now....
Might have a healing spot opening in a few weeks. Inquire now!
Have a spot for a hunter opening up over the next few weeks.
You guys have a need for a Frost DK? Let me know....
We are not currently recruiting a DK as far as I am aware of. We are looking for a Hunter right now.
^ To the top with this post. We are opening recruitment for another hunter.

Also we're 6/7H now
Bump I guess.
I have candy. And love. But you only get to choose one.
WTB one (1) Hunter.
Looking for a death knight who is very good at playing a death knight.
^^ up to the top^^ looking for a DK! :)
^^^to the top! :)^^^^
Still looking for a DK

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