Marksman PVE Guide (4.1)

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I haven't looked at your glyphs, but simply looking at your profile, gear and stats I would say bump haste down to the 1235-1250 range. You might be able to come out much more on mastery and even a bit ahead on your crit. See if you can lower down to 961 hit rating too (8%).

Largely, later on haste becomes much more viable, but this will be dependant on high lvl gear and trinkets (hungerer, matrix restab). So with a arc shot focus dump rotation it might prove to be more useful to have more mastery to fill in more auto shots = higher dps. Later on Aim shot focus dump can be better (esp in tank/spank fights).

Personally for me I'm waiting until I get a few more upgrades before trying out the Aim shot rotation. ( I wanna see 30% or better crit and mastery still in the 14-15 range that will be unaffected by adding back more haste)
Excellent thread, can we get it updated for 4.3?
This is a great help. Thanks so much for all the hard work.
01/09/2012 03:23 PMPosted by Barkbishop
Is this still viable for 4.3, or have things changed since 4.1?

It's about 50/50. You can still use the general shot priority, gemming, spec, and enchanting information. But, most of the nuanced details are out of date.
As a new hunter (hit 85 last week!)

.. I see most hunters running around in Surv.

Is Surv the superior spec at this moment in the game?
i'm a 85 mm hunter and ilvl 382 and dishing out 19k dps how much should i be puting out and what rotation should i use?
I totally agree!
Hmmm, thought I'd posted already. I need help!!! I don't understand a lot of the thread (too much of a noob still) but I can see a few things that will help already...respeccing my talents and a basic rotation if I can remember it. So, if anyone has some advice, I have HM, Aimed shot, kill shot, arcane shot, steady shot, silencing shot, tranq shot, scatter shot and something else that I don't use...what's a good basic rotation for an average level player/noob...? I don't want to be ridiculed in dungeons again!
Good thread. :)
i am a hunter that can only do like 20k dps on deathwing can someone help me

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