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Dread, Alliance - Korgath (PVP)

About Us
<Dread> is one of the few guilds remaining that has been around since day one of classic WoW. Although originally founded on US-Stormreaver when the servers first came online, <Dread> accepted free character transfers to US-Korgath in June of 2006. At the time, Korgath was a relatively new, low population server; however, it has since transformed into one of the leading progression servers in the United States. It has all the benefits of a high population server (good economy, strong progression, balanced and competitive factions, etc.) without most of the drawbacks (only rarely have queue times to log in, very little server instability outside of bad patch nights, etc.)

<Dread> has proven time and time again that it has what it takes to weather the storm, having successfully transitioned from classic's 40-man raids to TBC's 25-man raids and WotLK's limited attempts, wrapping up Kel'thuzad(40), Kil'jaeden, Lich King(25H), and Deathwing(25H) kills along the way. In anticipation of the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion, <Dread> has its eyes set on fortifying its roster in an effort to continue its rise in the U.S. and world rankings.

The Korgath server clock runs on U.S. Central Standard Time. <Dread> raids 3-4 out of 5 reserved days per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday*, Sunday* and Monday*) from 7:00pm CST until ~11:00pm - 12:00am* CST.

*depending on the progression cycle.

25m Progression
    Tier 11 (US #33 / World #135)
    13/13 Heroics
      US #34 Nefarian (Blackwing's Bane)
      US #26 Ascendant Council
      US #44 Cho'gall
      US #37 Sinestra (Dragonslayer)
      US #43 Al'akir (of the Four Winds)

    Tier 12 (US #30 / World #108)
    7/7 Heroics
      US #35 Shannox
      US #23 Rhyolith
      US #22 Beth'tilac
      US #33 Alysrazor
      US #31 Baleroc
      US #35 Majordomo
      US #44 Ragnaros (Firelord)

    Tier 13 (US #9 / World #33)
    8/8 Heroics
      US #27 Morchok
      US #17 Zon'ozz
      US #27 Yor'sahj
      US #13 Hagara
      US #17 Ultraxion
      US #14 Blackhorn
      US #9 Spine of Deathwing
      US #9 Madness of Deathwing (Savior of Azeroth)

Recruitment (Updated: February 3, 2012)
<Dread> is currently seeking to solidify its raiding roster in preparation for Mists of Pandaria. Although we may have some specific class/spec desires at a given point in time, exceptional players of any class/spec are always welcome and encouraged to apply.

    0-1 Healers
      > Preferred: n/a
      > Considered: Any exceptional healers

    0-1 Melee DPS
      > Preferred: n/a
      > Considered: Any exceptional melee DPS

    0-1 Ranged DPS
      > Preferred: n/a
      > Considered: Any exceptional ranged DPS

    > You have Mumble, a working headset/microphone and all relevant raiding addons
    > You will be able to have high attendance based on our raid schedule (trial members that fail to show up without giving prior warning frequently fail their initiation periods)
    > You won't die to avoidable raid mechanics repeatedly (void zones, fires, poisons, etc.)
    > You understand your class/spec's mechanics very well
    > You know how to give and accept constructive criticism without causing drama
    > You come to each raid prepared with knowledge of the encounter(s), proper consumables, spec and glyphs, and you are willing to respec/reglyph if an encounter demands it
    > You have knowledge of and experience with the current tier of raid content

How to Apply
Register an account with your in-game character name and fill out an application on our forums:


If you have any questions or if you wish to submit a private application, feel free to contact Rangoon, Cleve or Sneakar in-game, or ask one of our members if any officers are online at the time.
Oh what? I missed you guys getting Sinestra? :O
please stop prematurely bumping the thread.
When we kill bosses our officers sing to us.
I'd be more interested if you were an even number like #32 or #34. Pass.
04/24/2011 10:59 PMPosted by Pity
I'd be more interested if you were an even number like #32 or #34. Pass.


04/26/2011 11:41 PMPosted by Swivelhips
I'd be more interested if you were an even number like #32 or #34. Pass.



I get it. Old though.
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Now selling dragonslayer title, pst swivelhips.
05/03/2011 01:54 AMPosted by Tipme
Now selling dragonslayer title, pst swivelhips.

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