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I tried TotemTimers but i found an issue that is makes it not satisfying for me at least. The problem is that you can't (afaik) use the same bindings for all totems when you change spec or talent.
Reason being TotemTimers bind a key to a "totem slot" instead of a totem name. When you change spec and/or talents and the totems available change, some totems are displaced to another totem slot.
One solution is to create profiles for all sets of totems possible (depending on spec/talent) and load the correct one every time you change spec or talent. This way you can ensure that a particular keybind will always cast the same totem in all specs/talents (except if that totem does't exist for that particular spec/talent which is ok).

However i figured out another "solution" which requires 4 macros and 4 slots on action bar. My initial idea is to use keys z for earth totems, x for fire totems, c for water totems and v for air totems with shift, ctrl and alt modifiers. Of course any other 4 keys that you can use which those modifiers are fine as well.

Macro called Earth, put it on a slot and bind letter z to it.
/cast [nomod]Stone Bulwark Totem;[mod:shift]Earthbind Totem;[mod:ctrl]Tremor Totem;[mod:alt]Earth Elemental Totem
Macro called Fire, put it on another slot and bind letter x to it.
/cast [nomod]Searing Totem;[mod:shift]Magma Totem;[mod:alt]Fire Elemental Totem
Macro called Water, put it on another slot and bind letter c to it.
/cast [nomod]Healing Stream Totem;[mod:shift]Healing Tide Totem;[mod:ctrl]Mana Tide Totem
Macro called Air, put it on another slot and bind letter v to it.
/cast [nomod]Capacitor Totem;[mod:shift,mod:ctrl]Spirit Link Totem;[mod:shift]Grounding Totem;[mod:ctrl]Windwalk Totem;[mod:alt]Stormlash Totem

I found out that the macro does't need to be changed if you have the talent that replaces Earthbind Totem by Earthgrab Totem. It will cast any of these totems accordingly.

The most used totems: searing and healing stream don't require a modifier and when you press alt key, all 5 min cd totems are displayed (Earth Elemental Totem, Fire Elemental Totem and Stormlash Totem). Since there are 5 air totems and normally only 4 modifiers combinations i used shif-ctrl-v for Spirit Link Totem. This is the only totem that requires pressing two modifier keys at the same time and only resto spec would be affected.

With those macros if you change talent or spec the keybindings will always be the same.
I just started healing on me shammy again and dang I totall miss being able to drop 4 at a time.
Anyway, I'll try these macros out since they seem pretty straightforward and allow me to be pretty situational when the time comes.
I also like how you grouped them by the element which should hopefully prevent some accidental totem overwriting.

First day back and I'm doing 4 mil heals in BG's... cant complain so far... :)

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