Roguedom Thread #2: The FA of Qs

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Well, I'd suggest just making a new thread. :P
Hmm, what exactly is the nature of this bug?
After looking at my new guide I think I may have found the answer....
Hey, my job is to complain, not to find answers. :)

I tossed up a thread on the website bug report forum three weeks ago:

Could be they don't know what's wrong, that a fix is in the works, or that it's just not a high enough priority to address. (Or that it's intended, though that seems a little hard to believe.)
Within the new Subtlety PvP section of the FAQ, Sheevah offers recommendations on stat priorities. He was also kind enough to offer a thorough explanation of the value of each stat. It's too long an explanation to put in the FAQ itself, though, so instead I'm quoting it here:


          We focus on hit rating as our first priority, because you aren’t going to be very effective if your attacks and crowd control abilities aren’t even landing on your target. We go to 5%, because that is the base amount of hit it takes to hit other players at level 85.

          We refer to 5% as being a “hit cap.” This means that once you reach that 5% mark, you do not want to stack any more hit rating. If you still find yourself missing when capped, it is either an expertise problem (discussed next), or you’re fighting a Night Elf, which has an extra 2% chance to be missed by your attacks. It is not worth stacking the extra hit to hard cap yourself for Night Elves, because you’ll be losing a small chunk of damage-dealing stats that will go to waste a large portion of the time.


          After you’re hit capped, you’ll want to get expertise capped by obtaining an expertise level of 20. Players have a base 5% chance to dodge and parry your attacks. Obtaining 20 expertise will negate this base chance, allowing you the security of knowing that none of your attacks will miss on a character that hasn’t increased their own chance to dodge/parry through other stats.

          In a PvP environment, this means that you will never miss a clutch gouge on a healer or other caster that isn’t a Night Elf, and you lessen the chance that other classes/specs will dodge your attacks (rogues, Feral druids, warriors, etc.).

          Expertise cap is also like hit cap, in the sense that when you hit the mark you’re shooting for, you do not want to stack any more of it.


          This is pretty straightforward. Agility increases all the damage you do, increases the chance you’ll dodge enemy attacks, and increases your critical strike rating all at the same time. You want as much of this as you can get, so long as you don’t fall beneath your hit and expertise caps to do it. Guaranteeing hits is more important than risking a miss, even though the tradeoff would be that you do slightly more damage if you hit them.

Critical Strike Rating ("Crit")

          In a PvP environment, you are never guaranteed uptime on (meaning that you stay within melee range of) a target. Because of this, there are often differences between PvE stat priorities and PvP stat priorities. Crit is one of those differences.

          On paper, you would think that haste would be important because it gives you more attacks and faster energy regen, but this is often wasted in a PvP environment where you are often running toward your target. Crit maximizes the damage potential of your rogue in the limited amount of uptime you will have in many PvP encounters. Because of this, you’ll want to get as much crit as possible, so long as you aren’t sacrificing your hit caps or missing out on pure agility to do it.

Spell Penetration

          Although it isn’t in the priority list, it is acceptable to stack a small amount of spell penetration to ensure that your poison applications aren’t resisted. 100 spell pen is enough to negate the majority of resistance buffs available in the game.
Sheevah also provided additional reasoning behind his recommendations for rogue PvP professions (his thoughts; my edits):

Overall, PvP profession recommendations are pretty much the same as PvE. Gathering profs don't give near the stat boost that crafting profs do. Jewelcrafting was regarded as one of the best for a long time, but with epic gems being easily obtainable now, it's really cut the perk of the profession down to less than what other crafting professions can offer.

*Blacksmithing* is actually the best stat-boosting profession at the moment. The two gem slots you gain (by adding one each to your bracers and gloves) are worth up to 100 additional agility (if you put a Delicate Queen's Garnet in each slot), as opposed to the 80 agility you gain from other crafting professions.

Personally, although it's mat-intensive to level, Leatherworking is my favorite roguely profession. You get to make your own leg armors super cheap, sell leg armors to other people to make gold, make some of the BiS gear for other players (meaning you can sell it), make some bags that sell, and get the super wrist enchant that's super-cheap to make. If you don't have Leatherworking, you're paying extra for the wrist enchant, because it's not a trainable enchanting pattern. Someone had to get the drop or pay for the pattern, which means you're paying the extra it took someone to get it if you don't have leatherworking for that slot.

My other favorite is Alchemy. It's pretty cheap to power level, flasks last twice as long, and there's always a potion or flask that someone is going to want to buy. It takes a little effort to make decent money with the prof, but there is money to be made with it for those that are willing.

Inscription offers a good shoulder enchant, but if you use it you'd miss the resilience from the PvP enchant, so that hurts its value.

I'd shy away from Engineering for competitive PvPers. The profession is super fun, but most of the things you can make that are fun (like rocket boots) can't be used in arena. But if you don't arena, go for it.
great guide, glad its stickied
remember to remove Arcanum (helm enchants) from your recommendations.
I hadn't planned to touch the PvP portion of the FAQ, but... OK, just for you, I'll remove the head enchant. :) Thanks for the nudge.
What are we opening up for Assassination? I was told Mutilate, because it's free Energy when Stealthed, however, I have not see this Free Energy Buff or anything when I am Stealthed.
10/17/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Gummibeär
What are we opening up for Assassination? I was told Mutilate, because it's free Energy when Stealthed, however, I have not see this Free Energy Buff or anything when I am Stealthed.

From the first tier talent Shadow Focus.
10/17/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Aliira
What are we opening up for Assassination? I was told Mutilate, because it's free Energy when Stealthed, however, I have not see this Free Energy Buff or anything when I am Stealthed.

From the first tier talent Shadow Focus.

Sigh, so Shadow Focus is better than NightStalker? Thanks!
I love your thread and your humor. Thank you. :-)

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