Cloak & Dagger Compendium: Rogue Omnibus 4.3

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this needs to be stickied. all in one. good job xo
how is this still not stickied?!
Best Rogue Guide I've Seen Yet. Great Job!
Stickies All Around!
Grats Caera!

Reported for sticky. It took me months to get guides stickied so hang in there, it will come!

<3 Rod

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Wow, I never thought to resort to moths. That seems pretty extreme, but then again, it's clear that asking nicely isn't getting us anywhere.
05/16/2011 07:46 PMPosted by Rfeann
Wow, I never thought to resort to moths. That seems pretty extreme, but then again, it's clear that asking nicely isn't getting us anywhere.
For reasons too long and too gritty to lay forth here, I've retired from posting to the forums with the sole caveat that I will be maintaining the relevance of the Compendium as content evolves.

Should you wish for critiques or cite-specific analysis of your armory/other aspects it would better serve you to get detailed and more rapid answers from a number of respected sources to create a unique thread for such matters.

I am also willing, and I say this knowing I may change my mindset in these regards, to offer direct 1-on-1 conference via PM of class mechanics or other like matters that you feel may have not been addressed or require further clarification beyond what I've wrote herein, on my home server of Gorefiend. At the moment I ask only that you check to see I am not within a raid instance before any inquiries be made.

For discourse of rogue mechanics or the interactions and ramifications of raid encounters on rogues I will keep up with and comment within this thread exclusively and where I see appropriate.

Best Regards,
Off-the-cuff response: Lame.

More in-depth response: Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

Don't forget your UI/add-on thread. It misses you! (And it will not shut up about it. I don't know why I agreed to meet it for coffee.)
For reasons too long and too gritty to lay forth here, I've retired from posting to the forums...

Sad day...but I know how ya feel.

I'll be sure to bug you during raids ;)
So 4.2 is now showing a little bit more attention being turned toward rogues, whether that was for the good of rogues isn't quite as straight forward, but attention all the same.

At first glance the buffs to rogue damage which we've almost universally realized we need looked quite nice, but on further inspection aren't anything too special. Assassination seems to be benefiting the most from their buff with combat and subtlety slightly behind on the overall damage increases:

When I worked it out for my Chimaeron kill this week, it boosts my 8300262 damage to 8729643, a 5.2% boost. Nice, certainly, but lets put it in perspective.

If we look at the average DPS of top parses, we're (as of this writing) at 26594 DPS, in 10th place, 4th among melee. A 5.2% boost puts us at 27977, which is... 10th place, 4th among melee.


-Aldriana, Elitist Jerks

I happen to agree a buff is a buff is a buff, is a buff. At the least this holds us firmly in our place without sliding any further behind the pack, however it really only works as a stop gap measure and a rather uninteresting one at that, which does nothing to solve the scaling/mechanic issues that are currently forming a glass ceiling on rogue performance at the top end.

It's early yet, and this could be seen as just a 'first pass' on rogue changes. Perhaps better more in-depth changes are to follow. All we can do is wait and watch the PTR and see how things shake out.

Addendum to this: Hemorrhage is getting a 40% base damage buff. Still working the math to see how this works out, early estimate: probably still less than a favourable idea to use Hemo any longer than is absolutely required, but the impact of those times you're left without recourse is going to be lessened.
Just did a sweep and made a few minor edits for clarity purposes and other little things I thought could use more elaboration. Enjoy.
I have to really thank you for this guide.

I hadn't done PvE since Cata came out, and when I finally did an instance I saw how abysmal my dps was and figured there were more changes than I had thought to rogues. I was doing less damage than at the end of Wrath when I was raiding alot and that made me concerned, beause I knew I should have been doing more damage at level 85 than I had at level 80.

I did two runs and I was struggling to get to 8-9k dps and that was very frustrating. I've spent the last few days just trying to understand the changes and your guide ended up being the clearest I could find on the subject. It helped a ton to really understand the current priority abilities to use and reworking stats on my gear.

Yeah, my hit is a bit high atm for combat, but I've been swapping between specs and gear while sorting out how to improve my dps, and was finally able to get combat spec to do alot more than my sub spec for PvE and put my sub spec back to what I like to use for PvP.

I didn't want to go back into another instance until I could bring my unbuffed dps even on target dummies over 10k. I finally got my dps up and it was ranging from 12k when I was on the lone target dummy to 19k dps when I was standing next to a pair of them with combat spec.
Sticky this thing.
To Start, Press Any Key: Or, Ghost in the (Nut)Shell
Just noticed this heading. I like. <3
Awesome guide. I'm so bookmarking this.
This should be stickied.

Well, well, well. Look who's up with the big boys.

Welcome and congratulations, yo. :)
GRATS ON YOUR STICKY! Now I won't have to search through bookmarks to find this thread.
Welcome to the cool people club. I snuck in.
Imagine my surprise comin' home and seeing a big ol' sticky-ification up in here. Really happy to be here, I find myself in very honoured company.

I gotta say first and foremost a HUGE, "Thank you kindly," to everyone who 'liked' or 'request sticky' this thing, I'll do my best to keep everything up to date with future patches and the likeness.

To everyone newly discovering this here compendium for the first time, welcome! I hope you find something useful herein to improve your performance of, or just simply your enjoyment of your rogue, my favourite class in this the whole wide world (of warcraft). If you find anything not fully explained or concerns not addressed don't hesitate to ask, I'll try to make with the clarity, and it might even help to make this thing even more the one stop shop for roguely matters that my ambitious britches boasted themselves big enough to make it.

And in closing I say, "We must move forward, not backward. Upward, not forward and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!"

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