Looking for leveling partner

Area 52
I'm a rusty WoW player from back in the BC days that's looking for someone to quest/level with. I'm definitely trying to start a fresh new toon though I don't have Cataclysm so Worgen and Goblin are out of the question. Whether you're more casual like me or even someone who is hardcore, I'm down for whatever. Just looking for someone to play with.
I would be happy to level with you im on late nights after 11 pm est.
I'm on EST also man, good deal. So post here tonight when you jump on and we can start this started up. Any preference as to class/race? I'm not exactly sure how everything works now, if certain classes do the same quests or what. I'm kind of relying on you for that, ha
You want to do this anytime soon man?

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