[H] Night Haven 10m LateNight Raid Recruiting

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Current as of June 28, 2012
We are 6/8 H DS and are one of the oldest guilds still raiding on Dalaran.

Night Haven is recruiting 1 to 2 spots for our LateNight 10 man raid. We raid Tues-Thurs 11 pm -1 am server, and we never run over.

Classes/Specs we currently are seeking include basically anyone. We have and have long had a preference for a Kitty/bleed Druid, but at this point we're just trying to find any very qualified applicants who want to participate. Our raid lacks a huntard as well, so if you are a good huntard you may also be interested. We prefer no Locks, but hey if you're super good, I can take a break.

We have BL/TW sorted out, but new Shammies are very welcome.

If your gear is low but your competency is good, we can fix you up.

Loot is officer-decided, though in 10-man raiding it's much less of an issue. Vent is required. So is proper preparation: gemmed, enchanted, flasks (we regularly provide cauldrons), food (we regularly drop feasts), pots (incl. pre-pots), read up on fights, especially heroic versions. If you can't bother to gem/enchant properly or research fights, we do NOT want you.

We have nights where we have a skeleton crew online, and we make due. We also have nights where we have more online and have to sit people. We don't whine when we have to sit, and we try to trade out fairly, though raid composition is key. We also don't whine about loot. If any of this bothers you or you think you may want to see a change in this for any reason whatsoever, we do NOT want you.

Apply at http://www.nighthavenonline.com. Fill out the application contained within the first post in the recruitment thread. Also , you can message me in-game if you have interest. BTW, if you fail at registering for the website, it's a bad sign of things to come... don't be dense.
bump. Updated our needs.
Bump. Everything updated, incl. needs atm, wtf bbqsauce.
Spider Boss Beth'tilac dead on the second night! Shannox dyin' tonight!

We're really looking for a good, solid reliable hunter, and MAYBE a feral druid (DPS spec main, tank spec off).

If you can fill these spots, come along and pretty much get free gear (we're conq heavy with no mail and leather wearers).

That being said -- We're here to kill stuff, loot is always secondary. :D

Alas, it would appear that another 'Lock would not fill your needs. Besides, I would be accompanied by a Disc/Holy Priest.

Too bad, really. Findiing a group to raid with on an EST server is tough when you're a left-coaster.

Either way, best of luck. (free bump)

*spelling correction*
2 dead! Shannox took a dive tonight.
WRU Hunter.

Regardless, we still want a good huntard and/or a druid with Kittyness and Bear OS.
Bump! It would seem we are looking for a healer also with a preference towards a shaman, just make sure you check out http://www.nighthavenonline.com.
I posted an app. Let me know!
Because Inga is a little slow updating the first post, we're looking for a Feral DPS/Tank druid and a Resto Shaman.

Resto shammy would be fairly enjoyable!

Up up! Just looking for a solid reliable resto shammy!
Dead Baleroc last night too, so we're movin' forward. :D

If youre looking for a late night EST guild with smaller raid times, we're that guild!

3/7 dead in 2 hrs. of raiding tonight. The rest of our short week is on progression. If you want to raid ~10 hrs. or less a week and see all the stuffs, especially late night when the kids are in bed, we are your place.

We want a Kitty with a Bear OS and a resto shammie. Look us up, we'll hook you up.
4/7 after we learned how to walk a boss in a bircle tonight. WTB Kitty and Resto Shammie. PST. We will feed you and clothe you.
07/13/2011 09:46 PMPosted by Ingafel
We will feed you and clothe you.


4/7. Working on Alys... we are still seeking that special resto shammie and/or kitty druid that fits our late-night raid time.

Exceptional players of other class/specs are encouraged to show us their worth.

Scheduling is paramount. Mon-Thurs 11-1 needs to be open in your schedule at this point for us to want you.
We are 6/7.

As Elidra says, we are on Rags now, as Majordomo Staghelm is a pushover.

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