[H] Night Haven 10m LateNight Raid Recruiting

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I have this druid here but MS is tank and OS is feral, Im on Venture CO now but im looking to xfer to a server where I can raid, im currently 1/7 Heroic
Bump with updated initial post regarding current needs.

Blankangus, I'd like to refer you to our forums for further interest, or contact me in-game to discuss.

/bump for an awesome guild

also, where is evil? did he get deployed or something? >.<

We're fielding solid raid groups, but still working on Rags. While we did have some absences over the last few weeks, we still feel like we progressed, even while pulling in a (capable) PUG.

We are still looking for those few special snowflakes. Let us know if you are interested. We're running M-R 11-1 pretty regular now.

Late-night raiding, with weekends off. If it's you cup of tea, we're brewing. Check us out.

Yes, Evil had duties to tend to, Tanto.
Bump. We could use one more on the roster. A hunter would let RL get back to playing his main. I dunno, maybe something else.

Check us out.
7/7 as of tonight. We start on H. Shannox next week. It's a good time to get in, but our needs are limited. Look us up and see if you want in. We do late night shizzle -- see the OP.

www.nighthavenonline.com -- recruitment thread is in the forums, ofc.
We have immediate need for the following:

Tank: Prot Warrior or Paly, or feral Druid
DPS: Prefer Mage, but will consider others.
We are now 7/7 normal and 2/7 heroic. Still looking for a feral(kitty)/resto driud. As always we will consider exceptional apps from other classes as well.
OK. We are 3/7 H. I have updated needs/wants in the OP. Come join us if you like, blah blah. We probably have your spot filled, but if you are exceptional mayhap we'll take you in. Hey, maybe you can replace me, a feat which is not so hard.

Check us out.
4/7 H now (10 man). Still got a spot for a special Feral Druid w/ Feral Tank/DPS.

Possible other slots. Check us out.
6/7 H now btw (10 man). Look us up if you want late night raiding on Dalaran.

You can find us @ www.nighthavenonline.com
We are still looking for a rogue. 6/7 Heroic FL. Fill out an app @nighthavenonline.com. Any questions can be directed ingame @ Fallyn/Quivers, Arayai, or Ingafel.
Wuzzle means to mix. Bump.

*WTB Roge
We also don't have a rogue for this patch, meaning there's some wasted chuf@%!e as far as loot goes.

Filled out an app on your website.
8/8 DS, madness done. Effer dropped 2 bows. Heroics begin next week.

We still WTB Bare, plus some others. WRU Bare? We want your RAWR.

BTW, Vectrix, try to find me or Fallyn/Quivers on Dalaran some night to discuss your app. Legendary daggers, hmmmmmm?

Oh, info time... A bare has 32 teeth.
Ingafel, first off, congrats on clearing DS normal. You guys are clearly on to great things. The daggers are delicious, no doubt, but that's a different bridge to cross for a different day. My main focus at this point is meeting you fine people and proving that I'm not a waste of your time. I'll be in touch with you tomorrow!
I haven't played WoW since ICC in wadelek but my account was just hacked, apparently by some very slow hackers.

I'll take advantage of the hackers' reactivation of my account to bump Night Haven! I never had more fun playing this game than when I was in Night Haven.

We're 1/8H DS and LF 1 or 2 more to round things out and give me more time to sit and watch Netflix. We raid late night, I think that's obvious. Read the 1st post on this thread, then the last, then see if you want to apply.

*Looking For Mage/Healz
We'd like to see a mage on the roster, and could use another healer as well.

*WTB Bare Tank
We have been searching for but have yet to find that kitty/bare durid who knows fite and tank. More important than your kitty is your bare -- we would really like a new bare tank, so if you are that rawr specialist, it bumps you up on our list of desirables, regardless of your OS. C'mon, man, bares are seksy.

*No Conqueror classes plz
We prefer not to take on more Conqueror classes for loot distribution purposes.

What we have to market is pretty simple: narrowly-focused late-night raid time, limited raid time input (max 8 hrs./wk) plus success. If you like these offerings, you ought look us up. If you don't fit the mold of the classes we're looking for, but you're nevertheless super cool and want to raid with us, please try to show us your worth. Note that we are not looking for peeps who can't meet the full schedule on a regular basis at this point.

In-game inquiries welcome, but not during raid hours. Off-raid hours if it's hard to find us, use the in-game mail feature (gah, I hate that word!).

Website: nighthavenonline.com.

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