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•Your Guild Name: Midnight Mafia (10 man)
•Raid Schedule: Tues/Weds/Thurs 1-4AM ST (day is before, not the actual day since after midnight; may change days a little BUT the times are fairly set in stone)
•Raid Type: Serious/Dedicated (we are strict on attendence, and want to progress quickly into HMs, and we plan to do as best as we can, but we don't plan to be no. 1 on server)
•Date Founded (Period): Oct 30, 2012 (some played since Vanilla, some Wrath, mixed)
•Loot Distribution System: Loot Council strict attendance
•Voice Chat: Own rented vent server
•Age Range: 20-30

Anyone even update this thread anymore?
Please add us!

Your Guild Name: Chilltown
Alliance or Horde: Horde
Website Address: www.
Raid Schedule: Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs 8 pm - 12 am EST (7pm -11pm server)
Raid Type: Hardcore - 10
Date Founded (Period): 05/2011 (Mid-Cata)
Loot Distribution System: Loot Council
Voice Chat: Mumble
Age Range: 20-30
- Quick Reference section formatting cleaned up.
- Reduced the Alliance section to increase the Horde guild section.
- First World Problems does not appear to be actively raiding. Not added.
- Spectrum added.
- Trademark added.
- PandemøniuM added.
- Faceless Massacre does not appear to be actively raiding. Not added.
- Midnight Mafia added.
- Chilltown added.

11/05/2012 02:21 PMPosted by Orrungrond
Anyone even update this thread anymore?

Yes, I just give it time on Illidan because of how so many guilds rise and fall, and some don't even end up being actual raid guilds. I also will delay a month or two before updating any guilds after an expansion, as there is normally a 'shake up' and it is especially chaotic with guilds being formed and disbanded.

As stated in the original post's disclaimer, this thread is for established and stable guilds, and not about tracking the rise and fall of 'spur of the moment' guilds.

Guild Name: Savage
Faction: Horde
Your Name: Coderbear
Additional Contact Names (Including alts): Edoc, Redoc
Schedule of Content: Tues./Thurs. CST -8:00-11:00 - MoP (Previously 8/8 HM DS10)
Loot Distribution System: (see above definitions) Loot Council - Officers
Minimum Gearscore Requirement (if applicable): 397iLvl
Minimum Gold Requirement (if applicable): N/A - Raiders funded by guild
Achievement Requirements (if applicable): (Y/N) 8/8 HM DS 10
Individual Class Requirements (if applicable): Holy Paladin/Monk/Resto Shaman
Ventrilo: Teamspeak (Y)
Age Range: Situational (Prefer 21+)

Coderbear, you used the submission format for private raids. Are you looking to add yourself as a raid leader or simply add your guild? I just want to make sure I'm adding you correctly, as it's been very rare any RL's registered themselves in any of my guides.

I am sincerely running out of space on the quick reference section. I need to remove inactive guilds!

PLEASE if possible, list any guilds that are no longer raiding or have disbanded.

Your help is greatly appreciated in this endeavor!
Hey Deathpony. Figured I'd do the leg work for ya.

The following guilds are - to my knowledge - inactive, and can be removed from your resource thread. The guilds below have met at least one of the following criteria to be deemed inactive:
  • Non-existant current tier guild progression, as tracked by WoWProgress.
  • No longer on the server.

For guilds that do have current tier progression, they have met at least one of the following criteria:
  • Inactive for around two or more months, as tracked by WoWProgress.
  • Guild is no longer raiding, verified in-game and according to World of Logs.
  • No longer on the server.

Cheers! Let me know if you need anything else.

=== PRIME TIME ===
Assured Destruction
Believe The Hype
Excessive Gaming
From Ashes
Helen Keller vs Traffic
It Dies Today
Shackled to the Oven
Simple Mechanics
Thirteen Thirty Seven
Warpath II (Formerly known as Warpath, which you have in your list)

Ctrl Alt Del
Horde Rising
Natural Nemesis
Ninety Eighth Legion
Rule Seventy Six
Somewhat Legendary
Sovereign State
Winter îs Coming

=== LATE SHIFT ===
Away From Reality
Bloodshot Crusaders
Byte Club
Ctrl Alt Del
Deus Messor
Fatal Desires
Flawless Victory
Helmets and Juiceboxes
License and Registration
Under The Influence

Ctrl Alt Del
Midnight Mafia

=== OFF HOURS ===
Believe The Hype
Blood and Rank
Blood Syndicate
Ctrl Alt Del
Mint, that is quite possibly the nicest and most helpful thing anyone has ever done for one of my threads! Thank you very much and holy crap that is a LOT of guilds lost in MoP!

Thread Updated!

Ok just counted. That's 65 guilds lost, only 15 remain.
No problem.

Also, to my knowledge, neither Entio nor Teepz's GDKPs are active. Both of those can probably be removed unless you are able to get in touch with them.

You can also remove Trademark. They are no longer raiding.

Can you change AoA raid times from 10pm - 2am server time Tues/Wed/Thurs?

Your Guild Name: The Vision
Alliance or Horde: Horde
Website Address:
Raid Schedule: Two distinct/separate groups. #1 Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 9-1 ST #2 Sat/Sun 4-8 ST
Raid Type: Hardcore 25m
Date Founded (Period): 02/12/2011
Loot Distribution System: Loot Council
Voice Chat: Ventrilo
Age Range: 25-35
- Trademark removed
- Age of Aggression updated
- The Vision added
Please remove our second group.
The Vision - Sat/Sun
The Weekday group is still very much intact and has turned into our main focus.

Thank you very much for maintaining this thread, I've directed many Illidanites with different schedules to it.
Please add <HWE> guild to the list :D

<Hostile Work Environment> -
T/W/Sun 11:30 PM - 2:45 AM Server time
Serious-10, Cata-Guild (2010), LC, Mumble, Ages 18+
Your Guild Name: Poundtown
Alliance or Horde: Horde
Website Address:
Raid Schedule: Fri Sat Sun 8-11pm ST
Raid Type: Dedicated
Date Founded (Period): 3/13 MOP. most members have been around since vanilla
Loot Distribution System: Loot Council
Voice Chat: Mumble
Age Range: 20-30
Contacts: Judychop or Iamtotem

edited withe the website
(H) Harlem Shake - n/a (as of yet)
Tue/Wed/Thurs 9:30pm-12:30am
Dedicated-10, Cata (06/12), Free Rolls/Loot Council (certain items only), Ventrilo, 18+
- The Vision (G2) raid unit removed
- Hostile Work Environment added
- Poundtown added
- Harlem Shake added
If you could update <Harlem Shake> we are now <Helix Code> and have a website-

Any core groups need a mistweaver monk. Will attend 100% :} I need to get geared a little bit more first though.
Your Guild Name: Despondency
Alliance or Horde: Horde
Website Address:
Raid Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs 6:45-10:00PM server
Raid Type: Dedicated - 10m
Date Founded (Period): 2008
Loot Distribution System: Loot Council
Voice Chat: Ventrilo
Age Range: 20-30

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