Triumphant: 9,872. Horde: 20-odd

Thank you for the two solid hours of free honour kills, ladies. ;)
<Alliance PvP Core>
Didnt that one resto druid beat one of your rogues in a duel and he nerd raged?

Oh wait...
Seems the horde are a bit uptight! It couldnt be the fact that 20 members of Triumphant gave the horde a taste of there own meds? <TB main Bridge>In 2.5 hrs we obtained 9,872 kills! This is just a small sample of whats to come in the near future!
Wouldn't that be around like, 60 kills a minute, every minute for the entire 2.5 hours?

I'm sure it's entirely legitimate. 100% true story.

Cool story bro.
You're all monitor-tanned.
oh we care.
04/13/2011 08:52 AMPosted by Cramer
Preyas....that bad mage I used to wreck all the time in the middle of IF. Yes, congrats.

Don't *@@# with him now. He's 2200 in rated BGs. A complete BAMF if you ask me
04/12/2011 06:07 PMPosted by Masserah

sums up thread

grats kids
tol barad bro. they camped people going to do baradin hold then posted about it on the forums

smells like fresh teenage boys in here
Preyas is also good at duel-dodging.
pvp is serious business
remember thissss

Ohhh whiteleaf you make me lol <3

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