can only do 34 quests in blasted lands

I'd update your addon or try a different one. There are 42 quests in that zone so you're still missing 4 more than named, and Surwich is closed off by you doing the quest directly after it (it's basically a breadcrumb), so that should have only lost you the one.

There are also several breadcrumbs from other zones.
Yeah, sounds like you are at the mercy of a GM then. I doubt it would work now, but I did have to "pull a trick once" to get a quest I missed. In wetlands when you do the seismograph quest there is a water elemental that pops up you need to kill that never shows up again. I literally didn't realize that because when I saw him I thought it was MY water elemental just getting in my way again. No matter how many times I went back, he wasn't there. Had to roll an alt, get him up to that level, then group with him while he did that quest so I could get credit for him. Not quite the same, but you could try that and have the new person try to share the quests you are missing with you. Guessing though, based on the TYPE of quests these are, that you are just going to get the "X is not eligible to receive that request" when you try.

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Onward to the Blasted Lands is actually given in the Swamp of Sorrows. Have you been back to the Harborage to check for it?

Also what he said.
I have been to all of the quest giving npcs and even had a friend get the quests and try to share them. It said I had completed them when I really have not.
By chance did you do a realm/race change? I've heard of a lot of people having this problem after doing that while being halfway through the region.
When the lore master achievements were added, breadcrumb quests didn't count towards the achievement for the zone since you could by-pass them. I have no idea if that changed with Cataclysm.
If the OP did the follow up quest "A Closer Look" which it sounds like he did, then the breadcrumb "Onward to the Blasted Lands will indeed expire.

Likwise "Surwich" expires if you go directly to Surwich first and start the follow up "Wormthorn's Dream".

"Nethergarde Needs You" is probably mutually exclusive with the Hero's Call quest for BL, but it may be worth checking out (it is given out in Silithus).

"Home Gone Naga" expires if you go directly to where it sends you first and do its follow up "Atrocities".

So indeed you probably can't get any of those 4 done. And there are only 38 quests in Blasted Lands for Alliance so if you miss 4 you are stuck.

I will take this opportunity to once again implore people who want to get Loremaster not to just fly around picking up random quests. Breadcrumbs count. Don't go places unless you are sent there.

That said I expect a GM can probably help you if you push them enough. Ask them to reset one of the follow ups, eg "Atrocities", so it is as if you never did it. You will lose one quest from your count, but then you can go back and pick up "Home Gone Naga" and be sent to do Atrocities again and get the 2 count you need.

When the lore master achievements were added, breadcrumb quests didn't count towards the achievement for the zone since you could by-pass them. I have no idea if that changed with Cataclysm.

Breadcrumbs have always counted for Loremaster.
If you are going for the Loremaster title, the best way to get the quests for new zones is to find the Hero's Call quest for that zone on wowhead (or some other site) and see which NPC completes it. Start questing from that NPC and following the chain will usually net you the achievement for that zone.
i cant get any of the quest out there at all can any one tell me where I can go to get them
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i cant get any of the quest out there at all can any one tell me where I can go to get them

You need to talk to Zidormi somewhere in Blasted Lands to go to the old Blasted Lands before the invasion.
Hello There,

Please use the above link to verify quests against what the GM found as link is more in-depth.

(a) I advise you to finish Lore Master of Eastern Kingdoms as you would most likely come across a quest listed under another zone that requires action and credit being given under their Blasted Lands sections?

Of particular note, I see two of quests you listed such a Onward to Blasted Lands are not picked up in the actual zone. You also mentioned flying around only this zone so I suggest revisiting a Swamp of Sorrow.

(b) I also advise you to use Caverns of Time person near Swamp of Sorrows to turn back time. I had the same problem here and after doing this I had an ineligible quest bottom right (demon area) flag eligible?

(c) Your Game Master also sounds as if they were newer to role. If they were good they could log into the player and add quest directly to your log. A GM could also delete quest progress to reset (I've had it done).
I also view the quest list at 42-Quests. I pulled up your completion list of 34 so you are indeed missing total of (4) quests beyond the four listed. Link I provided you will show all 42 if you logout of game to update armory.

I cannot view full data only your completed quests, but I see you having only done 2 out of 4 item drops from that zone. Imperfect and another. You do not have either of ones that drop in the corrupted demon area lol?

Of particular note, I do not know the name but if you find the quest item linked to mobs bottom south with the trees and stuff. I do remember one of those had like 6 - 8 quests attached so my guess is your missing this?

I believe it drops from a mob that can fly and sends you to talk to like 8 NPCs...
There is a breadcrumb in Winterspring called Blasted Lands: The Other Side of the World
Call of the Warmatron in Silithus also counts.

Hero's Call: Blasted Lands! or Blasted Lands: The Other Side of the World

Nethergarde Keep
(1). Minor Distractions
(1>2). Eliminate the Okril'lon
(1>3). Nethergarde Reigns
(1>4). Remove Their Arms
(5). A Closer Look
(5>6). Our Fallen Friends
(5>7). Curtail the Darktail
(8). Watcher Mahar Ba
(8>9). Cultists at our Doorstep
(9>10). Kasim Sharim

Serpent's Coil (10>)
(11). Attune the Bloodstone
(11>12). The First Step
(11>13). A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too
(12>14). Blood Ritual
(14>15). The Amulet of Allistarj
(14>16). The Amulet of Grol
(14>17). The Amulet of Sevine
(17>18). Home... Gone... Naga...
(19). Time is Short

The Red Beaches (18>)
(20). Atrocities
(20>21). False Idols
(20>22). Neptool's Revenge
(23). The Future of the Rockpool *Hidden breadcrumb starting with Abandoned Bloodwash Crate that ends with Abandoned Bloodwash Crate floating off the map! =^.^=

The Dark Portal (19>)
(24). The Charred Granite of the Dark Portal
(25). The Vile Blood of Demons
(26). Protecting Our Rear
(24>27). Enhancing the Stone
(26>28). Watching Our Back
(28>29). Surwich

Serpent's Coil (27>)
(30). Not Just Any Body
(30>31). The Altar of Storms
(31>32). The Final Ritual
(32>33). You Are Rakh'likh, Demon

Surwich (29>)
(34). Wormthorn's Dream
(34>35). Advice from the Cenarion Circle
(35>36). Demoniac Vessel
(36>37). The Downfall of Marl Wormthorn
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