Nagrand Quests: No quests showing

I need 9 quests in Nagrand to complete Loremaster of Outland. According to my Loremaster data, I have 15 quests available but the quest-givers have no yellow exclaimation icons. I have installed Quest Completist and have triple checked the NPC's. No quests. I have scanned both Thotbot and Wowhead for clues on how to open the quest trail of "A visit with the greatmother" and "Missing Mag'hari Procession" but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.
Mag'hari may be from the drop item from the 3 elephant riding patrol. There's also an escort quest in Sunspring that won't show up until you kill the guards in that little house.

Do a bit more research. If you're missing greatmother, wowwiki or something must have the entire chain and where it all starts. A lot of Nagrad quests are started from other areas too.

Dear Shugan,

After searching the wowhead database zone by zone and checking off all the quests that count towards Nagrand. I feel that I have done them all. I have completed all the other areas including cataclysm.

It seems that I have boxed myself into a corner by doing something out of order. If this is the case, is there any alternative than to ask for a re-set?
Dear Vixie,

Good suggestions, but I have done the 3 elephant quest. If fact just to make sure, I killed them again yesterday. No quest drop. I also did the Sunspring escort again, no quest. I have verified that those are done.

I have even checked quests by zones one by one and to the best of my memory I have done them all.

Do you know if there is any other recourse besides asking for a re-set.
Dear Vixie,

Good ideas! I have done both the elephant riders and the Sunspring escort. Just to make sure I killed the guards and the elephant riders again and did not get a quest drop.

I have also checked the Wowhead database zone by zone for any quests that are in Nagrand category. Although I am going by memory, I feel confident that I have covered the outside quests.

I think I have painted myself into a corner by doing quests in the order that I did. Do you know of any recourse besides asking for a reset?
I don't think you Can get a reset.

Did you run a server query with Quest Completist? Have you turned on NPC locations and visited each one?

I just remember the greatmother one starting with the lady inside Garadar's (sp) main building/inn. I think I did go elsewhere before getting the quest started. The demon dude west of Sunspring...check him? You get sent to him from like SMV I think.

The thing with your memory is that it can get confused if you leveled more than one char. Some chars may have done "that" but your loremaster main hasn't.

So QC tells you there's 9 quests undone - you've gone to the internetz to check each user comments on any strange tricks involved? People used to diss Thottbot but they listed the quest as chains (the one you were looking for was highlighted in the list) and showed starting/turn-in NPCs. That was really helpful when I was doing loremaster 2~3 years ago.

Dear Sajgun,

I agree it is a good idea to look outside. The thing is that I am pretty confident that I have covered the outside quests. To confirm this I used the Wowhead database and searched zone-by-zone for all quests that were in the Nagrand category. I then looked them up and checked them off if I remembered doing them.

I don't think the answer is outside anymore. I have completed over 3000 quests and have gained the Loremaster of Northend and Loremaster of Cataclysm. I am having a similar problem in Northern Barrens. In short, I am literally running out of viable quests in any area.

With this in mind, do you know of any similar situations and whether requesting a re-set worked?
Dear Vixie,

I did load quest completist, but only after the problem appeared. Consequently the add-on shows all the quests undone. i don't know if this is normal. What is this query that you speak of and how do I get that? This sounds like it might be helpful.
Some quest NPCs may not have gold ! over their heads if you accepted the quest and then abandoned it.

Northern Barrens was tough for me too. But QC helped me totally there. And Feralas, was stuck on 1 short for a long time.

I think a reset in WoW entails deleting your character and starting from scratch. GMs can't give you any game hints either, since you can have addons do server queries.

Keep looking!

edit: Okay, now we're cooking! Type /qc. hit the red button - may say Zones. Yellow lettered options down the bottom of the next window should say Server query. Run that. Also turn on NPC icons.

Then uncheck/check boxes to Hide Done Quests.

Open world map (use Blizzard default - addon maps are screwy with this xpac) - all the !'s should show up (even done ones - but you can find the ones that may give you quests).


I did go back to the quests to get the Altruis line re-opened. Apparently I had completed some Shadowmoon quests that negated the series. Eventually, it did open. The Loremaster add-on has been dependable in other areas, so I trust it. The QuestCompletist does not seem to work for me as it just shows all the quests undone. Ever have that problem?
Read my edit!

You have to mess with the check boxes some.


Found the server query! Yah Hoo!!!!!! Now the info looks like it is doing what it should be doing. Thanks soooooo much!

I think I can find where I was when I moved on (pre-cata). I believe the problem is with a secret revealed by A'dal in Shattrath. I was checking there today, but no quest available. It might also be back with Altruis and the Forge Camp group quest.

In any case I at least have a direction.

Thank you!

Hooray! Happy loremastering!


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