[A] <TKT> is now recruiting

<TKT> aka The Knights Templar is a casual guild currently recruiting all classes for raiding slots as well as other content.

Our guild has existed in one way or another for over six years, though for much of its existence it has been relatively small and tightly knit, despite having many members with families or busy lives. Even if you may have difficulty being available for every raid or even any of them, we are always willing to bring in new members so long as you are active and respectful of everyone else.

We are attempting to restore a single reliable 10 man raiding team open to players who are laid back and may have real life issues to contend with, but are willing to put all their energy into performing to the best of their abilities when the time comes to tackle raiding progression. Whether we have multiple teams in the future has yet to be determined and will depend on success with recruitment and attendance. We have made decent headway in the past, but with many of our previous raiders gone due to real life issues we intend to further improve our lineup while we are in this transitional state.

Our schedule is currently in the process of being reformed, and we may be able to accommodate you if need be, though we will most likely be raiding from approximately 7:30-11:00 PM server time 3 days a week. (Possibly Mon/Wed/Sat) We intend to be completely active near the end of April at the latest.

If you intend to raid with us please make sure you have both vent and DBM updated.

We are in particular need of:
-Resto shamans
-Feral tank druids
-Shadow priests
-(Healers or backup healers/tanks of any class are also welcome)

We are always willing to discuss your problems or interests regarding your activity within the guild. Willingness to communicate with other members is highly encouraged.

Please contact Zbinka, Desolich, Morpheas or myself if interested.

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