Why Do Elitist Want Casuals Done Away With?

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04/09/2011 09:46 PMPosted by Serovin
a true elitist wouldn't be playing with a bad or casual so their whole stance and point is moot. The issue you are seeing is with people who think they are elite.

This x1.000.000.

The only problem in the game aren't even the so-called "bads". It's the inconsiderate people.
People who don't seem to see the other people in a group as other people.
People who enjoy berating others.
People who only see others as a means to get carried through content.
And people who think they're better than others because they have better gear, or a FoTM class, and decide it's cool to put the less geared or who aren't as OP down.

And so on, and so forth.
All the same, some folks need to stop confusing "people able to raid" and elitist tools that are looking to destroy everyone's ability to enjoy the game as they see fit.

This is a bit rich as its not the 'elitists' who want the game changed.

Its the players who cant manage the current easy modes who are demanding more options.
They don't. By nature, elitists like to feel elite. So having someone to bash and make fun of is exactly what they want.

Let's face it, if that elitist queued up for a dungeon as dps and was doing exactly the same dps as everyone else, he'd be bored because "wow is too easy."

I know this isn't the answer you are looking for, but think of it like a girl who tells you "no" because she wants you to chase her some more. Elitists say they want casuals gone, but that's just part of their game...
04/10/2011 07:33 AMPosted by Pugmaster
Sorry but normal modes are not even that hard

only 25% of active raiders have been able to clear normal mode. so apparently 75% of guilds that are still trying this tier suck.

You do realize that most people in this thread wont really read your post but will go "LALALA I DON'T SEE IT!"
04/10/2011 07:33 AMPosted by Pugmaster
only 25% of active raiders have been able to clear normal mode. so apparently 75% of guilds that are still trying this tier suck.

The last 3 bosses do not constitute the entire raiding tier. It's like saying most guilds sucked for not being able to get Gruul or Mag down after downing Kara.

And like I've said, it doesn't make sense to have raiding on farm when the new tier is still months away.
You do realize that most people in this thread wont really read your post but will go "LALALA I DON'T SEE IT!"

Most people who have an active subscription actually still enjoy the game. Not all of us spend $15 a month merely to gripe about a video game.
A true elitist is someone who feels that they are better than someone else based on their own opinion.

Their opinion doesn't have to have any basis in fact. It can be as simple as not having gear as good as theirs, or not sporting a specific title or anything they consider "bad".

In real life, these people probably just suck horribly. Their lives are such a dismal fail-fest that in order to feel just a little bit good about it they have to try to lord it over others in a computer game. The only thing about their lives that they can feel good about is a perception that being "good" at a video game somehow makes them superior to people who aren't.

I actually feel sorry for elitists. Most of them probably haven't hit the real world yet and haven't experienced the utter despair of finding out that no one cares how good you are at a video game.
04/09/2011 09:34 PMPosted by Frewdonist
What is wrong with casual players?

Simply put? A great many of the casuals are the ones who complain the most...

"Fix poor class imbalance in pvp!" screamed the Casuals.

"This game is too hard!" whined the casuals.

"Blizzard hates <insert class here>!" cried the casuals.

It gets old. Rather than adapt and learn what small changes in playstyle, gearing, or stats would make the game easier/better for them, they scream and stomp their feet.

Case in point... A druid healer in one of my guilds filled mostly with casuals who started right around WOTLK. The druid changes come down. He immediately begins whining, threatening to delete his toon. Crying about how they killed resto healing. Whining about how they must hate druids. Blah Blah Blah. In that guild, my main is a resto druid. I explain the changes are no big deal. A quick look at his healing set and I simply suggest he stack more Spirit and change his healing rotation and everything would be fine. He yells at me telling me I don't know what I am talking about... that I am an elitist. That I am a fanboi. All the while I make the adjustment on my druid. I heal fine. I heal heroics. I heal BoT. No biggie.

Finally, over the last few days, the druid realizes that he was totally wrong. He stacks spirit, changes his rotation, and now everything is suddenly sunshine and spring flowers.

Casuals don't function well in this game. This game HAS ALWAYS been about adapting. It has ALWAYS been about understanding your class mechanics. But casuals fight that with tooth and nail because they "have lives!" because they don't want to spend any time getting to understand how any changes might affect them.

That's why casuals are vehemently despised by other players.
04/10/2011 07:27 AMPosted by Katerina
Here's the general reasoning in the words of an elitist....*clears throat*"OMG blizz changed my favorite spell/raid boss/class combos......well no one would want to change that, at least no one of MY caliber, so it must be.....THE CASUALS!!!!" overall every time blizz alters something they like or fixes a broken mechanic that only made it harder to PLAY as opposed to BEAT, people who disagree with the change like to blame "the casuals".

No, the general reasoning is "wow are there seriously this many threads complaining that Blizzard needs to nerf content?"

Sorry but normal modes are not even that hard. People complaining about how hard they are simply are not good players. And they pretend that it's because they are "casual" players but I'm sorry anyone who "casually" plays a game isn't going to devote time into arguing on that game's forum. If you casually play a game and the game stops being fun, you stop playing the game.

I read a post on another thread that boiled down to "I'm not bad I just can't do Chimaeron because I have 60 ms latency" as if all us Australian players with over 200 ms must be using some magic hax or super pro. I'm not super pro, I'm not even that great, but if I'm doing Chim HM on 200 ms the guy who can't do normal mode on 60 ms might just have to admit to himself that he is in fact bad.

I don't mind players who know that they're not that great, I actually like to help them out. It's the ones who refuse to see that they are not playing well that bother me.

Ah, well if they're too stupid to devote the time and effort to learn where NOT to stand, than they're too stupid to form an opinion that will get any real recognition, overall the people who complain stuff is too hard are just too lazy to practice, or watch one of the HUNDREDS of "How to down X boss" vids on youtube. Frankly if you find something is hard, don;t immediately go crying to Blizzard like a 3 year old with a papercut. But at the same time the elitists deem people who aren't pr0 "casuals" or "n00bs" because they can't run a normal blindfolded.....using their face to navigate the keyboard. just ignore the idiots who are too lazy to devote the time and effort to research encounters and learn where not to stand, and ignore the idiots who are too blinded by narcissism to provide ANYONE with meaningful advice.

only 25% of active raiders have been able to clear normal mode. so apparently 75% of guilds that are still trying this tier suck.

That depends on whether they're wiping on Nef/Cho/Al Akir or wiping on Halfus/Magmaw/Omnitron.

The bosses at the end of the raid are supposed to be difficult for the average raider. The ones at the beginning are not. When those guilds do finally clear the end boss, they'll feel like they accomplished something. That's called progression.

There was a wall of text earlier in this thread talking about how hard Omnitron is. It's really not.
Never lose sight of the fact this is a video game. Just because you cant devote the time that someone else can to this game doesnt make you bad. If you are bad (unskilled-or whatever that means), then who cares too... it's a video game. Give 'em some tips to get better and they wont be bad.
Listen it's great to find something your really good at. For some people it's work, other's sports, and in this case video games. A good player or a great player is defined not only by how he/she plays, but what he/she contributes to the group, and how he/she treats others.

I have met really good players in this game, I mean the theory crafting types and none of them are Elitist JERKS! Casuals do not equal bad players. In this game regardless of skill no one should be labeled. If you don't think someone is playing at the level they can be playing then stop complaining and SHOW THEM THE WAY, HELP! Sometimes all a player needs to become better is a little direction.

In truth no one knows how long someone has actually played unless they know and have befriended the person. These Elitist statements and casuals or badies are nonsense. Like everything this game takes time to research and learn and it doesn't happen overnight, especially for many who don't have 80hrs a week to dedicate to it.

So for all players, regardless of what you label yourself - please remember this is a game, have fun, be patient, and remember this is the virtual world not the real world. At a click of WOW's switches this world or your toon can be DELETED. Then what???????
04/10/2011 08:05 AMPosted by Dragonkis
Never lose sight of the fact this is a video game. Just because you cant devote the time that someone else can to this game doesnt make you bad. If you are bad (unskilled-or whatever that means), then who cares too... it's a video game. Give 'em some tips to get better and they wont be bad.

I do give people tips. That's the thing. They don't want tips.

If there was a thread like "Rogue needs advice on Nefarian" or whatever, I'd give them some tips. If a rogue posts a thread like "Bosses are too hard for casuals why does Blizzard ignore its players I pay $15 a month I deserve to kill bosses" then it would seem like they aren't actually looking for advice.
It might help if people understood what *bad* is. I've seen a lot of posts that focus on rotation, spec, gems and enchants. There are a few that focus on keyboard turning. The biggest problem I've had with bringing new people to raids is people that have never watched their debuffs. They don't know where it is. They don't know where to look. and they may even be using a mod that blocks it. Very bad when you get the style of debuff that blows up other people. And for those people that aren't used to looking for it, it takes them awhile to get used to it.

Other one is strafing or watching a debuff stack on the boss. A good example is Malygos. People STILL wipe on him because they can't strafe on the drakes and watch the debuff stack at the same time. It's rather funny that Sarth3D is easymode now - you will get one drake, and most people cringe at a Maly25 pug.

Try watching Grim Batol on the drake run. Many people can't handle targeting circles. That's a bad mechanic for clickers because it takes a good bit of time to move your mouse from your bars to where the targeting circle needs to be, and while you're moving at a decent pace, so your camera may need to move. The dps difference is usually in the 40k range between party members.

Then there are interrupts and getting out of bad stuff that kills you. I've been getting hellfire ramparts nonstop. The fire on the ground still hurts. Not only to people not move out of it during the fight, but they'll stand in it afterwards, sit there and die.

When all those little things add up and someone's trying to learn an encounter, it's like compound interest. It's overload. I try to tell some puggers they need to practice these things, even when they don't need to do them, just to be in the habit. That way, when they need it, it's easier to pull off. Often, it falls on deaf ears.
Simple question that I just can't get a good answer to.

Everywhere I look I see players who are skilled and have plenty of time to play WoW running everywhere saying good riddance to the casual players in WoW. They actually say that they do not want casual players in WoW.

Elitists don't mind casual players and have no problems with them. Elitists don't like bad players and wish they would go away.
Is it the fact they want them gone, or the fact that they want the casuals playing the 95% of content designed for them instead of complaining about the 5% that isn't?

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