Secretly disabled WoW player (until now)

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I use a Razer Naga MMO mouse that I think would be really good for someone in your situation.

You sir. are an excellent person.

Sure, my post doesnt contribute alot.
But from my experience, with a disabled brother, a cousin with Cerebrall Palsy, and parents that worked in disabled care. Having nothinig but respect for you.

I completely believe if you're disabled, and somebody tells you that you can't do something like, ride a bicycle, have a job, or play wow. You're place in this world is to prove those judgemental people wrong!

Goodluck with ur website (y)
I think it is great you created this thread and I hope if there are others who struggle with the game, whether disabled or not they can learn from you or find other ways to adapt :D!

I find you are very admirable for wanting to help others and greatly respect that +1 :) Good luck with the website and everything else you do :D!
I need to adapt to reading long posts cause i tend to drift off after reading the first paragraph.. And really isnt forums made for trolls, i mean, we are writing and responding to posts right, isnt that the difinition of trolling..
Props to the OP and all these other people who have come forward with their stories.

I wish you the best of luck!
Walaman, give me a shout at I can build and maintain your website free of charge
OP, thank you for coming forward and bringing awarenss to the disabled people in game, I've played with several who are great at what they do. I also love the fact taht you're putting together a website to help others, hopefully it will get listed as a fansite with Blizz so otehrs can find it and get the help and advice they need, if you decide to have a discussion forum, get in touch with me in game, I'm an experienced moderator and would LOVE to help you keep the trolls out.
Thank you for your post. I think it would be very useful for disabled players to swap tips on how to play more effectively.

I have no obvious physical abnormality, I have a hidden disability, a life-long brain disorder. I am under a doctor's care and take medication to manage.

I can "pass" out in the street. It does effect my ability to play WOW well, however. I adapted mainly by avoiding stressful situations like raiding.

I am always the weak link in any group I have been in, mainly because dungeons and raids are completely confusing to me. I can't process all that is going on. I am not stupid, I just can't process too much stuff all at once.

I avoid grouping. That's how I deal with it. I enjoy playing the game as a solo player, but I am envious of people who are able to group effectively, by whatever means.

Wow, amazing to read this cause I've got a similar problem. I've started to lose bits and pieces of my memory over the past 5 years, even to the point where I've forgotton how to drive to my doctor and dentist. I'm pushing 64, so it's probably the age factor, but it's scary. Along with that, I'm suffering from anxiety attacks, probably connected to the other problem. Like you, I try to avoid grouping, unless absolutely necessary to advance, and then I have to turn down addons like DBM that provide game information because I cannot process the incoming data fast enough.

That problem impacts my ability to play certain characters such as melee, tanks, dks, etc. I play mainly casters now and stand as far away from the target as possible to have time to see what's going on.

So, for me, the memory loss impacts the ability to multi-task in this game.

OP, thank you for this post, most enlightening. I wish you and the others that have posted all the best in the future.

04/12/2011 11:40 AMPosted by Mhorrighana

Keep up the good work!
Wish you the best of luck!!
04/12/2011 11:37 AMPosted by Mhorrighana
Walaman, give me a shout at I can build and maintain your website free of charge

Thank you for your offer. The situation is explained in my email.

I mastured the art of one handed computing a long time ago.
I respect this forum greatly, and everyone who has posted their stories and support.
I too have a disability that slightly alters my ability to play. I have epilepsy. I have grandmal seizures, sometimes I have petitmal seizures during the day maybe even during instances or raids.
For those of you who do not know. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder. It can be caused by trauma to the head, swelling or some people can even be born with it. I was unfortunate enough to have been born with it. Grandmal seizures are the big nasty ones where the person passes out, drops to the ground or what not, and starts violently shaking. You know like you see on doctor shows. Petitmal are ones where the person spaces out for a short time.
With epilepsy I cannot look at flashing lights (thank you blizzard for those wonderful elementals that flash when they die). And I have had seizures because of those damn flashing lights blizz puts in.
Its not just the epilepsy that messes me up, its mostly the medication I take. They slow my thinking, give me memory loss and you know what... I cant remember the other side effects. One I know is a problem with finding the right words to say, which is why I dont explain fights in raids.
My guild knows about my problem, so does everyone else I play with.
I never want special treatment or free epics. I just want people to understand Im not stupid, I take medication that just gives me that effect. If I space out, its not because I was day dreaming, I had petitmal seizure. But I am good to keep playing!

I would again like to say I respect the people in the forum. And glad I could share mine. I hope blizzard can one day make it so I can lower more of my graphics so its not so flashy. I dont want to take the flashiness away from the people who like it. Just to be able to make mine not flash anymore. :)
I think you're an awesome person OP, really awesome.

I absolutely support the idea of helping people with disabilities adapt to the game.

I have short term memory difficulty to a point where I must repeat things ad nauseum if they are to be retained in my long term memory, and I have a hyper sensitive nervous system coupled with eye sight issues. This translates to: sometimes when there is a big fight going on in a raid or dungeon and it involves a lot of visual noise...I become confused, disoriented, lose track of my mouse icon and/or where my character is standing, and have trouble seeing the screen. Add to that the memory issue which means I cannot retain the information on how to fight the boss if it is given (even in great detail) right before the fight. In all honesty, I would have to do a raid multiple times in order to actually 'learn' the fights.

This results in me not being able to raid least not unless someone is willing to bring along the Huntard that randomly starts acting like she got smacked with her own Scatter Shot.

I love this game, and it really makes me happy when threads like this pop up because they remind all the people that have some sort of disability (be it real or perceived, physical or mental) that they are not alone. It gives those people a chance to share their stories too, and that's always nice. The jerks will always be jerks, but there are some jerks out there that don't realize they're being jerks...and those are the people that these kinds of threads change.

I thought this was normal ...... after reading so many post, lol. Perhaps I should go to a doctor... WoW... I do this ALL the time. Healing is so hard for me, I loose my mouse cursor; I get to focused on the tank and forget to heal others in the group. I click or press the wrong key for the person that needs to be healed. I've stood there casting heals as fast as I can, only to become aware that I was healing ..... no one but myself. I didn't have a target. lol. I am legally blind, but can see with with the aid of thick heavy glasses which I hate to wear. I too, have to run a dungeon multiple times to remember the fights. Luckily, everyone I have ever played with was very patient with me. I love this game. No way will I stop playing because I cannot do one aspect of it well. Like so many others, I will adapt, over come, and prevail !!

I voted for a sticky!
After running a guild since vanilla I certainly know how insensitive and downright mean people can be on a day to day basis. The worst players are the "elitist" who look down on people and constantly belittle others just because it makes them feel better about themselves. I've kicked many-a-player who acts that way and I'm sure progression has suffered over the years but that's what makes us who we are as a group. I'm not perfect and have, at times, been mean when I could have been nice but THANK you for posting this thread and grounding me even more than I already am. As I tell any of our new recruits: "I'd rather have a NICE person in here raiding who does 15k dps than a complete dbag who does 17k"

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