Secretly disabled WoW player (until now)

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This is definitely one of the rare posts that trolls just can't/shouldn't touch. It's amazing you've been able to adapt to WoW and I wish you the best luck in your endeavors! It takes a lot of strength to stand up for yourself when in some ways you might not be as strong as someone else physically, but it's a whole different ballgame when you stand up to help other people feel stronger and more confident in themselves as well.

I salute you!
I am a hunter at Heart...And I love this guy...Not only does he over come life...he is one of the greatest guys to play with

I dont know if blizz will delete this post because of the link I hope is a disabled person who plays wow and he talks about how he does it
04/12/2011 05:12 PMPosted by Sylvae
Depression isn't a disability. Don't compare bad moods to CP

I really hope I don't attract more trolling, but this statement really grinds my gears and I just hafta speak out.

Chronic Depression isn't a bad mood, though I''ll be the first to admit alot of people have been mis-diagnosed with it either accidently or on purpose to sell more drugs (I'll save the conspiracy theory for another thread)

For people that actually have it, it's like having a 10,000 pound boulder tied to your back from the time you drag yourself out of bed in the morning until you go to bed. Of course, no one can *see* the boulder, so they naturally assume you're lazy. I didn't even realize the metaphorical boulder was there until I first started antidepressant meds. I was hypersensitive to them for the first few days and I actually got to feel what it was like to take the boulder off for a while and helped me realize that I really did have a problem. I've achieved a nice balance now, but I still have to work to stay motivated and not spend days at a time indoors and alone.. farming herbs >.>

^^ This.

Severe depression can be very painful and devastating for a person's body. And it certainly can hurt one's ability to play especially with all the trash talk out there.

As someone with medical disabilities as well depression and anxiety, I whole heartily believe that a little respect towards others in game as well as in real life would go a long way.
Hey mate,

I want to say you sound like an amazing person. Never let you disability get in the way for what you want to achieve or do. My Partner has CP and she has been swimming her whole life and achieved medals in Athens and Beijing and is an inspiration to me. So keep it up man, id be honored having you raid with me at any time :) Cya mate and all the best.

P.S Also, whoever reported the OP is a fool.


Ok, so just to get the OP's discussion back on track. I got word from the MMO Melting Pot ( that they thought the OP's post was outstanding and sends their support. Since they can't post on US Server Forums, they asked for us to post back. Keep up the good work Walaman, I commend you for the efforts. I do hope you are able to provide further support for those who have adpative challenges and your work will help them over all. For what it's worth, I highlighted this in my own WoW Blog

My future MIL has been working for special needs in education for years - she'd probably love to hear about this, if only to forward along to the members of the groups she's been supporting and involved with for many years.

I'll pass the info along as it comes - you're doing a great thing imho :D
Glad to hear you found your own way to play and that it works for you. I have a cousin that is disabled in a wheel chair his whole life. I can't remember what he has but his body didn't develop as most normal people would. As such his hands can not grasp as good as most people.

Even with his disabilities, he can still kick my butt on xbox even while his hands are not the perfect ones everyone expects to be born with. Out of everyone I play with online I have to say he's in the top 2 people I ever play with because he works at it and gets the objectives done. He doesn't let his disabilities hold back his gaming ability.

I've tried to get him into wow before and i'll remember your post if I ever do. A macro-ed mouse would help him a lot too.
I love this idea and as others have said, please feel free to let us know if and when you have the site up and running. We try to be as aware as possible to the needs of all of our community members and having a resource such as your site could help others enjoy the game and learn how others are able to approach it and be successful.

I know of only one other site that does game reviews and shares video game news for more than just WoW as well as has their own community (Ablegamers). You may want to stop by and see what they've been doing as inspiration. They may even be able to help you. Who knows? :)

Best wishes to you and to those who choose to aid you in your goals.
Your grammar is so much better than mine... I'm not mentioning that because you're disabled, but that you're 16.


I hope that when your website goes live, that there's plenty of traffic on it. GL!
I think some homebrew software using the multi-gestures of the "Magic Trackpad" from Apple and the "Kinect" from Microsoft would allow players to use a variety of keyboard commands from simple movements and gestures would be a good place to start (for anyone with that kind of programming experience)
the whole world would be better if there were more ppl as awesome as you are :p
I wish you a strong community sir! Hope your developers know what they are doing when they design the site to promote that - there are a lot of good coders out there, but you want to find the good developers to head the project.

You got moxie, kid. I like that.

Damn shame you're a paladin, though.
This is a fantastic post! You are truly an incredible person, your extreme self confidence and willingness to share with the community things about yourself that some unintelligent and disrespectful people may look down upon you for is truly inspirational. Don't ever let anyone make you feel like you're not as good as them. The website you have suggested is an absolutely amazing idea, I'm sure if you look and ask around you can find many communities and organizations that would help and support you in making and running it. Kudos to you my friend.
Good job brotha. Takes courage to tell people certain things sometimes and i applaud what you did.

My buddy i play the game with broke his neck when he was 18 and now finds a way to play with a joystick that he controls with his mouth.

Keep doing what you're doing and show people that even when you're disabled you're just like anyone else.

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