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Hey there,

If you need any help with the website, PLEASE hit me up.

I'm currently working as the lone IT guy for an independent film studio in order to pay my way through college, and honestly, with a company staff of only about 20 people, there's nowhere near enough work here to keep me busy all day. I'm like the guy in Office Space -- "I probably do about 15 minutes of real, honest work in a given week." I spend the vast majority of my day sitting alone in my office, mindlessly surfing the web (or playing WoW, shhh), just waiting for someone to screw something up and create a few minutes of actual work for me. The way I see it, with all of the time that I spend doing nothing every week, I could be doing plenty to help you out with your website. The studio's already paying me to be sitting in my office on call, too, so I wouldn't even have to ask for any payment. Just having something to keep me busy during those otherwise mind-numbing hours spent doing nothing, and the opportunity to help out such a cool and worthy cause, would be more than payment enough. So, if you could use my services, I encourage you again to PLEASE contact me.

I'm relatively new to these forums, so I don't know if there's any sort of PM service here. I'm also hesitant to post personal contact information on such a public forum, but if you create an Alliance character on the Zangarmarsh server (and get to level 2 so my BadBoy add-on doesn't block you) then I hope you'll send a whisper or a letter to me (Raymeo) in-game. I'd be happy to supply you with my contact information that way.

I read the OP, and I'm replying right away before reading the 17 pages of replies, so forgive me if you've already got everything under control and I just didn't see you mention it. If there's anything I can do though, I hope I get to hear from you!

Hey there. This is a great thread, I hope you read my post. My brother in law/roommate is a quadropalegic. Hes 26, and had a motorcycle accident. He can't move anything except his head. He plays with a stick in his mouth and moves the mouse with a sensor on his forehead. He honestly plays as well as most others I come across. If you would like to talk with him or if he can be of help, PM me or something. Hes pretty bad at making friends on his own =p
Hey about a sticky? :D
A site like this is a really good idea. I'm personally trained in web design, but I'm probably not as experienced as you'd need; so all I can do right now is wish you good luck.

I can share some of your hardships, though. I'm not physically disabled; but mentally. I'm schizophrenic. A sensory disorder, at the very heart of things. My auditory and visual perception is messed up to the point most people can't even imagine. It messes up my ability to play the game at some points, but I've managed to work around it by sheer will.

For example: I can't understand spoken words very well unless they're spoken very clearly. Say, I go to a fast food place, I can only rarely understand the person taking my order. I can only take guesses at what he's saying, or have my mother translate for me. This carries into game: For the longest time, I simply couldn't use Vent or Teamspeak because I couldn't understand what was being said. The words were always just muffled gibberish to me. I managed to work around this issue by investing in a pretty high quality set of headphones. Having the voice right up against my ear and with high quality speakers makes the voice that much easier to understand. Sometimes I still don't understand what's being said, but I usually get the important parts. (Especially since most of what's being said to me directly is usually in the form of "Pitch - move!" ... short and sweet.)

Actual in-game is 'modified' as well. I sometimes see weird things moving around in the game world, like I do in real life. Not in the form of an NPC or a player, but just weird anomalies that manifest themselves. For a while, these things only occurred to me in real life, but a couple years ago, they started to appear in-game, too. It was stressful enough that I stopped playing for a month or so, but I managed to pull myself back together again.

To make matters worse, I've suffered chemical brain damage due to drug treatments (which I've stopped taking for this very reason), which causes my right arm to not exactly respond the way I'd like it to. I can't tell you how many times I've clicked the wrong person on Grid because my arm suddenly decided to have an episode, or even to hit the wrong mouse button and cast Levitate on the tank instead of Guardian Spirit. There isn't anything I can do about this, so I just muddle through and gracefully apologize if I wipe the raid because of this.
I'm not much for posting on forums...But this was a good read and I feel compelled to post in my support. I hope everything works out with the website and I look forward to seeing the project come to life. With the state of ignorance WoW is in, its good to see you are able to come forward and be open about your disability, and hopefully open the eyes of the masses. Keep up the good work!
The website is a terriffic idea. I'd be willing to support, being physically disabled myself, it would be a wonderful thing for everyone who struggles with something to realize how many others out there share similar ailments. I'm always amazed to find how many suffer from the same pains as myself, which ends up being a tie that bonds people together.

Go for it!
This has been a truly inspirational thread.
To get the formalities out of the way: ADHD, Aspergers, and periodic depression.
I have the incredible luck to be in a guild made up almost entirely of people I actually know, so %*@#ery related to my disabilities is nonexistent. Other forms of %*@#ery are another story altogether (my guild has two priests at 85, and both think LoF is the funniest thing since gorillas in monocles), but that's all in good fun.
I've found my AS, at least, to be something of a mixed blessing- I find both the prot and fury specs very interesting, so I have no trouble devoting time to a combination of study and experimentation to improve my proficiency with both. I've discovered an unfortunate proclivity to forget critical elements of fights or pulls (wait, does this guy have adds?), but given that my guild uses vent even for five-mans, we usually manage to avert disaster.
Reviewing bosses before the pull saves gold, people :)
Please let me know if you need anything, I am also disabled(severe Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and resulting depression here) and have helped a couple disabled players, both with sever hand movement/dexterity issues, find the best UI format to play comfortably, ect. If you would like my help or just get the site going so I can frequent it, please send me a tell in game (Voodoou, Emerald Dream).
An amazing post. It shows your maturity and willingness to learn at adapt the game to suit you. Instead of crying about how hard it is (like many able bodied people who play this game), you saw the challenge and overcame it!

There are many more physcially challenged people who play this game then is wildy known. Recently it was posed by a deaf person on one of the Tankspot shows PST, how does a deaf person raid. Lore answered it by saying that one of his guildies, a rogue is in fact deaf and never uses a ventrilo. He then went on to say that this particular rogue is one of his better raiders, simply because he pays more attention to the game and what is going on than a hearing person. He doesn't need all the add ons to tell him to move.

I hate to hear peeps making fun of other players simply for a disability that has nothing to do with their playing. I have 45% hearing loss in my right ear which means no headphones for me to play WoW, everything is done through speakers. Eventually the day will come that I can no longer use a Vent server as I won't be able to hear it. I know that the guild I am in won't say "Get on vent or GTFO", but there are so many guilds that do say it. And it truly shows their compassion, which is none.

I think your idea for a website is fantastic. And, showing how much you were able to think outside the box to create a way to play, I think your website will be just as amazing! Good luck! I am rooting for you!
I would be more than happy to help you in any way I can to put a site together - I do this as part of my job. I'm not a web designer, per se, but I might be of some use so I'll send you an in-game mail (you're probably already getting tons - I don't have the time to read this whole thread!).

There is a website - that might be useful for you and other players with disabilities.
Good luck with your site and I wish you very well both in game and in real life. = )

One thing that's just been bugging me though.

There is funding for adult stem cell research. A lot of funding as a matter of fact. I'm afraid I can't offer any links to back that statement up : ( but there is funding.

It is embryonic stem cell research that doesn't get much funding (either private or governmental) simply because adult stem cells are already (as far as I know) producing cures and lots of em. I have read that adult stem cells can be used to 'grow' entire discs of skin for burn victims instead of using skin grafts.

Just had to put that two cents in and God Bless you OP
Wow...major props to you for coming out and admitting your disabled. I know people can be stupid and ignorant but don't let them get to you. On a side note if you want more keybinds the razer naga has 14 extra buttons and with shift you can get 2 action bars of abilities and 4 mount/trinket/auto run buttons. I normally don't try to market things to people but because you cant use your left hand it would be a bit more efficient. Good luck with anything you try to do...i dont think ill ever forget this forum post
Good stuff mate. Best of luck ont he website and your all future endeavors. Very intriguing!


PS: And for few trolls out there who actually took a minute of their life to come ruin peoples happiness. I am sure there are others posts for you besides this.

"Batman" Alfred Pennyworth : Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn
Thank you for posting this OP! It's always nice to see people overcome challenges set before them! Speaking as someone who also has to deal with a physical issue, being deaf in my case, I can empathize.
Loved your post! I hope you can get the website going.

My best friend's sister started playing WoW sometime after she developed Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis to stop from going crazy while stuck at home. having JRA is like Lupus or fibro on steroids. it is constant aching pain all over, joints blown up with fluid, your immune system non-existent because of the medication you're on, and being on serious painkillers.

sadly we live in EST and most of the guild plays on PST schedules so her opportunities to raid have been very limited, but people took her through raids fully aware of her condition (she's not shy about it, thankfully - she WILL let you know if she's high on percs! heh.) she is a fine healer and adapted enough to heal heroics if the tank was tolerant and moved a little slower than most.

I believe if daytime raids with good people had been available she could have raided. PST evening raids just happened too late in the day and she was always exhausted and the painkillers had built up enough for her to be too spaced to be effective. she played the alt addict, pet collector, and money maker game instead.

her physical set up was using a Macbook Pro in her lap while propped on the couch with pillows or sitting in her chair, because "wild" arm movements for using a mouse and such caused too much pain. I was always very impressed because I can barely operate a web browser with a touchpad, never mind play Warcraft.

if you're in a heroic and struggling, please please please let the group know why. I'm infinitely more amenable to being patient or working to figure something out if the people in the group COMMUNICATE, and that is true whether the person is disabled, their keybinds just got screwed up, their cat/dog/child/spouse just puked on their feet, the power went out, or they've never been to the dungeon before. it's when everyone is dead silent and playing like idiots or taking repeated and totally unexplained AFKs that I get mad and say snarky stuff in group chat.
You should consider making a post in the UI and Macros Forum about your plans for a website.

Many of the addon authors hang out in there - maybe some of them would be interested in writing or modifying addons to assist players with disabilities. =)

I highly recommend this.

@the OP:

It amazes me that you can go through such a hampering disability and yet, not only find a way to do what you enjoy, but also find it in you do create something that will have a lasting impact on others in similar situations. Being 15, I can understand how prejudice can backfire on you rather quickly, but do not let them influence you.

In the end, we are all people, some of differing maturity, and if anything this thread proves that not only is prejudice most likely unwarranted, but that often times the person behind that screen has a deeper story than what may appear.

I wish you good luck with your site and life bud, for every blatant comment posted there are 5 of us cheering you on.
If you are in need of any development tools, and or you need any sort of web services please get my attention via twitter.

Web Programmer with 8 years experience with:

PHP - ASP - ASP.NET - AjAX, Java
MySQL - SQL - OBDC - (A bit in Oracle as well)
Html - XHTML - XML

Custom Graphics, Custom Flash

I also make addons/applications for gaming companies as well that test the security inside there code.

Let me know :-).
I love this idea and as others have said, please feel free to let us know if and when you have the site up and running. We try to be as aware as possible to the needs of all of our community members and having a resource such as your site could help others enjoy the game and learn how others are able to approach it and be successful.

I know of only one other site that does game reviews and shares video game news for more than just WoW as well as has their own community (Ablegamers). You may want to stop by and see what they've been doing as inspiration. They may even be able to help you. Who knows? :)

Best wishes to you and to those who choose to aid you in your goals.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your support. I never imagined that an actual Blizzard CM would reply to my thread. I have checked out Ablegamers, and felt like we needed more personal touch, like some of what is seen in this thread. That is no knock on them of course, for reviews is their focus, and I will certainly take your advice and contact them. However, I hope that my site can feel more like a "community site" than a review site. Also, I'd like to thank everyone for their offers of help. I'm already working with several people in an effort to get the site together. Also, I'm going to check other places for an answer to this, but is there anyway I can contact you? It would be great to discuss this issue with a Blizzard employee.

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