Secretly disabled WoW player (until now)

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We are working on it as I write this. We will be happy to post it once we go live.
I had an old buddy that was our raid healer, and he had only one arm, and was an amazing healer. I am not quite sure how he did it, but he did it well.

People like him, and you, are quite an inspiration for others and I hope you get your website rolling. Kudos to you, sir.
First I want to say, that you are an awesome inspiration, I am a disabled veteran, who was hurt on active duty. Although I haven’t dealt with exactly what you have been, the learning how to play with the issues I have has been s struggle at times. Lucky for me like you I have a bunch of awesome guild mates.

Second, I am an avid IT engineer, and I would be more than willing to help in any development of the website volunteering all my time to help in any way I can.
I have been when I am able to bring laptops with the game installed, and keys for kids that are basically stuck in the hospital.
Mad respect from a fellow healer. It takes a lot of courage to post something like this publicly. Good for you for adapting and overcoming the previous limitations of your disability. I'm glad that the healing and WoW communities have a player like you who is willing to step up and share their personal experiences in order to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Keep up the great work!
Folks, with all the fine returns here on this subject I emplore you, if you really feel strong about the ideas here, vote to sticky this up. I think the awareness gives others with challenges more hope and the ability to come out into the open without fear of reprisal.
Thank you for your courage!

I've had JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) since I was 5, now I am 22. I understand it's not as terrible as being paralyzed but I can certainly understand how you feel. Growing up I did not have any medication except pain killers and on top of growing up in a cold state only made my joints ache. So my joints are very much damaged. Now I am taking an injection which slows the swelling but doesn't bring my joints back to what they should be. I play WoW because I cannot run outside, I cannot run for long distances, I cannot jog, I've never played a sport or had a PE class. My knee and ankle joints are very weak and my doctor says I am lucky I don't weigh a lot or it would really affect my joints. So I resort to playing wow and painting.

Recently my knuckle and finger joints would get stuck and locked in place, and the only thing I can do to help it is to pop it back in place, which hurts a lot. So I have been doing some yoga to loosen my joints. When its cold at night I wear gloves to keep my hands warm or they start aching. My reflexes aren't as quick as my mind is, so I always keybind stuff on one side of my keyboard and move with my mouse.

I would really appreciate it if the OP or someone devotes a website to helping disabled gamers. <3
Awesome thread altogether.
Truly inspirational OP. It's refreshing to see a post like this and renews my faith in this community. Full support, and keep on trucking.
04/11/2011 05:36 AMPosted by Kybeorie
No one cares if you are disabled, they only care how you play.

This is from way back on page 3 but I have to say this isn't true in some cases.

I was in a guild where I was a valued member of the raid and an officer. Raided with this guild from Kara to Ulduar. Then it came out that I basically played one handed. I do have some keybinds on my mouse, but click a lot of others because I have limited use of my left hand.

After that came out there started to be a lot of comments in vent about "clickers" and how bad they were. None were directed at me personally but the implication was there. Then I stopped getting invited to groups where before I was usually one of the first invites.

So it does happen.
I know i'm a bit late adding on but in case you need an extra set of hands on a website I'll through my name in the hat. I'm not probably the most experienced programmer that has replied but I have a good amount of experience in Javscript/PHP/MySQL/CSS as well as a lot of design experience. I'd be more than willing to contribute in any way as possible for the following reason:

Love of my life has Usher's Syndrome (hearing loss at birth and gradual loss of peripheral vision over time which results in tunnel vision late in life). So I am constantly looking to make things easier on her to play (She loves healing! One of the me taxing jobs in the game!) and not feel that she is a crappy healer because she can't see players health bars. So I've done a lot of research into things that will make WoW a better experience for people with visual and audible disabilities.

let me know: Tyranic @ Laughing Skull
This is the best thread ever, thank you, everyone, for reminding me that this game isn't totally full of topshats what go on a person's rear.

Best of luck, people involved.
Great post, Though you made me cry .
I saw your post pop up on MMO. I must say I have not read anyone of the comments other than your post and the blue. That's how MMO has it listed. Got to admit you almost made me cry. Not for you, but I have a disabled daughter. She is now 7. She had a stoke when she was only 3 months old and has no use of her left hand. Sadly she has always wanted to play video games with me. I to have always looked forward to the day I could play video games with my children. And it is a work in progress. Reading your post gives me hope. Thank you for writing it.
I wanted to follow-up with a bit more input into this thread with some information that you may find helpful. Awhile back, UI developer Slouken had developed an addon called “MovePad” which would allow people to use the mouse to move around the world with. This is something we are planning to implement as an option in a future content patch. We would also like to encourage everyone to share any additional small script functions or changes that might help make better addons for disabled gamers so that we could look into the feasibility of adding these into the game as well.
I'm 15 and i dont tell anyone because im afraid they will kick me from the guild but know............. i may just tell them

I have begun to put together a team of people to help me create the website. While nothing concrete is online yet, the development process has begun.

KEEP AT IT! Just from reading your post, it's obvious that you have the passion to overcome any challenge. Use that passion to help and inspire others.

These posts always bring a tear to my eye.

I applaud you for your efforts and wish you all the best!

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