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04/14/2011 10:48 AMPosted by Nethaera
I love this idea and as others have said, please feel free to let us know if and when you have the site up and running. We try to be as aware as possible to the needs of all of our community members

I beg to disagree. You seem unaware that for some of us all text in the game is not that easy to read - and you haven't added an in game way of resizing the frames - slight insult to injury there since the game engine can easily do this, but players have to rely on finding addons made by other players who know how to program.
Bravo sir. Not that you need my approval, I still give it.

I have raided with people who were disabled before. I had a friend who lost an arm in combat, and another who had some form of speech difficulties. It can be done, but does provide challenges. Fantastic people as well.

I would like to encourage you to go over the specifics of how you do things, and discuss your limitations to the best of your ability. This will give others in a similar situation the ability to learn from you directly, or even make suggestions to aid your play. In addition to videos; perhaps a diagram of your mouse, and keyboard bindings.

It seems odd you bring this up now, as I am trying to design and build a guitar for a friend who has some severe health issues (traditional instruments actually cause him pain). This topic is awesome. Keep up the ideas, and keep pushing your limits. Who knows where it will take you.
+1 to you sir.

Being 16 myself, this guy has shown maturity and confidence that vastly overpowers mine.

Keep on truckin' man. :D
OP, You're an inspiration. I've met a few disabled people in my lifetime playing WoW and I've always been inspired by them. In fact my guild in WotLK had a deaf player that was our best DPSer. He couldn't get on vent with us during raids, but he still did fine without it. Better than fine actually. But you would think even with how good he was, no one in the guild would make fun of him but you'd be sadly mistaken. It infuriated me to no end how rude *%@@@@@ guildies would sit on vent and make jokes about him being deaf/disabled all the while he was kicking their butts at DPSing, and just all around avoiding crap in the encounters.

Doxa if you're out there, Some of us from Vital will never forget about you. You owned it up.
Thumbs up for you, friend!
My little brother also has a case of cerebral palsy and I have been teaching him how to play WoW :)
Logged in and put in my authenticator just to wish you best of luck on your WoW and future IRL endeavors! I wish I was this dedicated to anything at your age.
I design websites, i could help you!
I have heard of people talking about having depression playing this game, and was reminded of a study that I heard once on the news that people who play video games are four times more likely to have some kind of emotional disorder (i.e. depression) now saying that way makes it sound like video games give you an emotional disorder, however, I think it is the other way around. I think that people who have emotional issues, like yours truly, go to video games for some kind of emotional stability and stress reduction.

I know that I have had a lot of issues understanding how society works and WoW has helped out a lot in this regard. My point is that it does not really surprise me that there is so much support on this regard.

From my experience playing WoW (going on 6 years this July) many people with depression come to this game and others as a way to escape from reality for awhile (not permanently, but just for a couple hours), myself included. I've known several players either dealing with it currently or that have dealt with depression in the past and WoW is simply something used to "take the edge off" so to speak.

I have mild arthritis and have for most of my life and while not severely limiting, it's rather annoying at times. Sometimes my hands just don't want to move when I want or need them to, which can make raiding and dungeoning interesting at times; I fumble finger things often. One thing that helped me immensely is discovering mouse-over macros for healing on my off specs and alts. Using Grid coupled with Clique, I've mapped all of my most-used healing spells to my mouse buttons as mouse-overs. Since I'm right-handed, it's my stronger hand anyway and has proven really useful to me.

Just wanted to show my support for this thread and the OP's endeavors. Good luck to you!
Good luck with your website. This is a very touching post and I applaud you for standing up for disabled players and trying to help them keep it up
Many kudos to you! I am the director of a program that serves older and disabled people in the community where I live. I also play WoW. A few months ago, one of my clients who also has cerebral palsy told me he plays WoW one-handed. At first I chuckled to myself when he told me he played a hunter and it was easy on that class to top DPS charts because of auto-shot, but I became very interested in this exact topic. Here's why:

WoW is a game of possibilities. Anything is possible and you are always rewarded for trying. No one is unemployed (we are all heroes to varying degrees), and opportunties exist for all no matter what you look like, your gender, your race, or disability.

Any outlet that encourages people to collaborate, solve problems, and achieve goals is a good thing, especially when you do it within a diverse population. I am a better person because I regularly socialize with older and disabled individuals. I am also a better person because I play WoW.

So, I am all for helping more people become better persons through playing WoW and I'd be happy to assist you in any way with this endeavor - I saw how good it made you feel to overcome the challenges you had and that would be a good thing to spread. To be honest, my guild will tell you that despite the fact I am two-handed, moving and healing is not my forte : / and I am actually going to look into your suggestions for myself.

I am sure there are organizations out there who would provide you with some grant money to assist you in web development. I'd be very happy to help you find those organizations. I'm not comfortable posting my email here, but please let me know how to get in touch with you directly some way and I will do so.
04/14/2011 03:27 PMPosted by Nethaera
We would also like to encourage everyone to share any additional small script functions or changes that might help make better addons for disabled gamers so that we could look into the feasibility of adding these into the game as well.

Voice command!
04/14/2011 05:21 PMPosted by Shoap
you haven't added an in game way of resizing the frames - slight insult to injury there since the game engine can easily do this

Video > Advanced > UI Scale

All frames resized to your liking.
You might want to consider a Foot Peddle for Control, Shift, Alt.
There are 3 peddle configs that I'm sure can be setup to keybind 3-6 keys to.

Also the Razor Naga 16 button mouse might be a nifty upgrade to the 7 button WoW mouse.

A person could start a Wikia for the site you are thinking about.

*I didn't read all 21 pages, but figured I would still post my comment.
Inspiring, this kid is amazing, end of story. Keep going man!!!

Let it be known, all prejudiced i have for you is simply because you rolled alliance :P
Disabled player here too, 6 years long! There's been a post every once in awhile over the years about how disabled players get along with the game, but I can't remember anyone wanting to start a site for it. Good idea.

Actually, our disabilities sort of mirror each other, although mine was caused by a tumor growing on my spinal cord when I was 2 (now 26). My good hand is the left, although I have normal arm function, normal wrist function, 50% thumb, and I can't extend my fingers. My right hand looks like a cat's front paw, basically, but with a long floppy thumb.

I have a strange style of adaptation though. I only use a 2-button mouse with a scroll-wheel, because my fingers are so big they would hit any extra buttons on those fancy mice. Autorun is clicking down on the scroll-wheel; other mouse functions are normal. I use my right thumb to hit keys, but my hand is flipped around so the palm faces up, and my thumb presses the keys down by extending in its "upward" direction (that's the "strange" part). Strafing is done using the D-keys; skills and actions are bound to the top row of numbers, backspace and the U through "\" keys, on a "used-most closest to the d-keys" basis.

My disability hasn't really affected my skill in the game as much as others' disabilities affect them, so I haven't had any problems with groups or guilds (been with the same group of people for 5.5 years now - they're awesome!). PvP though is much harder than PvE, if only because there are more times where lightning-fast key presses are important. That was exacerbated with the addition of arenas in 2.0, which is why I got out of it. The other annoyance factor is the addition of new combat skills with every expansion because it adds to the number of keys I have to laboriously try and inaccurately click with my upside-down thumb. But in PvE I do really well; I just can't move and attack very well (eg strafe and use skills), so on heavy movement fights I have a very stuttery attack sequence.

Anyway, I hope your website project goes well. Keep the the main forums updated if you can. I'll be quitting the game soon, but I'd love to add my gaming experiences as a disabled player to help others. Maybe we can someday get some sweet technology going for everyone.

Take'r easy (and if she's easy, take'r twice!)
I honestly don't know what to say because others basically said what I wanted to say.

All I know I can do is /hug you.

I'm happy for you and I wish you the best. :3 <3
I think this is a fabulous idea.

I've been playing casually for a long time but have had the chance to do a lot with my UI to improve it over that time. There's every chance you've already done it but one thing that I've done is to bind Shift to my mouse's thumb button, since I find it difficult to reach with my other hand. My mouse has 11 or so buttons and binding shift near doubles that to 20.

I also bound jump to my secondary thumb button so that I can very lazily mine ore nodes while eating. Using one hand, I can click my mount macro then fly off while munching on food.

Without looking to see if someone has already linked it, there's also the Nostromo N52 Game Pad, which is like a mouse/number pad combined that looks like it would be great for a one handed person.

Hope your site works out well :)
What a completely appropriate response. You have my respect!
04/10/2011 11:21 PMPosted by Walaman
I thank you for your time, and for all of your support. I'd also like to thank the people who have offered their help creating the site, and special thanks to my editor for proofreading this post for me.

Excellent post. I have been informed by disabled players that my mod "GTFO" helped them become better players. It may be suitable for your website guide if it contains a section for helpful addons.

Colorblind individuals have a hard time seeing AOE on the ground, even with colorblind mode turned on, and the Pavlovian effect the buzzer sound has increased situational awareness for others with various physical or mental conditions (as well as those without, admittedly) to help their reaction time.

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