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You're an impressive young man, I don't know if you'll even read half of these - there are a lot!

I am so amazed with you and all the people who gave such positive feedback. There's so much trolling and poor behavior in game. Like some folks log on and forget their manor and humanity. Its refreshing to see a change. I really want to applaud both this young man and the players here.

I have a disability myself its not something you can really see, Fibromyalgia. It makes my memory foggy, my body ache, and tired all the time. I don't share that with many people in game- some know and don't really understand it, I think or realize the fogginess I have. I don't let people know it affects me in game and irl with memory or have to wrap my wrists sometimes to play. I don't want pity or to be lashed out at because of it and I'm an adult.

I also have known player(s) that I've caught in lies about illnesses; It really makes you not want to tell folks because of the liars on the net. Makes this even more impressive. I don't know how to help or if anything could help a condition of poor memory except maybe addons. For example... DBM, powerauras, and pallypower, ect (reminder type addons) being SUCH a big help.

Best of luck +1
From another who uses a mouse and addons to assist in playing with disability, I love this. Would be happy to see your site when it launches!
I can't say I have any physical disabilities aside from my left index finger due to an accident with a circular say (its now pretty much skin and bone and hurts to use for more then a few minutes at a time)
But I must saw, I strongly support this and would very much like to get the website when its up and ready, I may not be that disabled myself but I would very much like to get in touch with these people and see if I can help make a difference for them.
I applaud you on your efforts and wish you the best of luck in your pursuits.
Love the post, warms my heart ^_^

Don't let the trolls get at you keep pushing for this site, this is something that everyone could use. I don't think most people even took the time to think what about people that want to play but have disabilities. You are heading in the right direction with everything that you're going for, if blizz does not really look into this then something is really wrong. With some people talking about mouses and such, I sent a link of this post to someone and going to see if they cant come up with mice keyboards and such to help make your gaming a little easier.
Many kudos to you! I am the director of a program that serves older and disabled people in the community where I live. I also play WoW. A few months ago, one of my clients who also has cerebral palsy told me he plays WoW one-handed. At first I chuckled to myself when he told me he played a hunter and it was easy on that class to top DPS charts because of auto-shot, but I became very interested in this exact topic. Here's why:

WoW is a game of possibilities. Anything is possible and you are always rewarded for trying. No one is unemployed (we are all heroes to varying degrees), and opportunties exist for all no matter what you look like, your gender, your race, or disability.

Any outlet that encourages people to collaborate, solve problems, and achieve goals is a good thing, especially when you do it within a diverse population. I am a better person because I regularly socialize with older and disabled individuals. I am also a better person because I play WoW.

So, I am all for helping more people become better persons through playing WoW and I'd be happy to assist you in any way with this endeavor - I saw how good it made you feel to overcome the challenges you had and that would be a good thing to spread. To be honest, my guild will tell you that despite the fact I am two-handed, moving and healing is not my forte : / and I am actually going to look into your suggestions for myself.

I am sure there are organizations out there who would provide you with some grant money to assist you in web development. I'd be very happy to help you find those organizations. I'm not comfortable posting my email here, but please let me know how to get in touch with you directly some way and I will do so.

I posted my email in a comment, but I realize that as we approach 500 replies, no one is bothering to read through them any more. My email is I added it to the original post. Once again, I hope I'm allowed to post this and its not against CoC.
I really like hearing the bolded section of what you wrote. This attitude is rarely seen in WoW and is very refreshing.
Thank you for your courage!

I've had JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) since I was 5, now I am 22. I understand it's not as terrible as being paralyzed but I can certainly understand how you feel. Growing up I did not have any medication except pain killers and on top of growing up in a cold state only made my joints ache. So my joints are very much damaged. Now I am taking an injection which slows the swelling but doesn't bring my joints back to what they should be. I play WoW because I cannot run outside, I cannot run for long distances, I cannot jog, I've never played a sport or had a PE class. My knee and ankle joints are very weak and my doctor says I am lucky I don't weigh a lot or it would really affect my joints. So I resort to playing wow and painting.

Recently my knuckle and finger joints would get stuck and locked in place, and the only thing I can do to help it is to pop it back in place, which hurts a lot. So I have been doing some yoga to loosen my joints. When its cold at night I wear gloves to keep my hands warm or they start aching. My reflexes aren't as quick as my mind is, so I always keybind stuff on one side of my keyboard and move with my mouse.

I would really appreciate it if the OP or someone devotes a website to helping disabled gamers. <3

This is going to sound really odd but here goes. GO to a GOOD knitting store. There are gloves designed for knitters/embroiderers with arthritis. They specifically are designed to support your hands and fingers and keep them warm while not impeding your ability to do fine work. Might help while playing the game and if I remember only cost about 7-10 bucks. For the life of me I can't remember what they are called.
I just want to say - you're pretty cool, for a 16-year-old boy. ;)

Best of luck with the website - I think that's a wonderful idea and I hope it works out well.
I'm a student at a university in Massachusetts that's a little known for it's Technology, and I'm forwarding this post to some of our programmers that I'm friends with. Hopefully, they can help develop short script and addons to aid you in your task of making life a bit easier for all of those with disabilities.

For the record, it's your selflessness that sets you apart. Had you said "I suck because I'm disabled make me better plox" you likely wouldn't have received this kind of response. My accolades for being mature enough and resolute in your confidence to aim for helping others before yourself.

If you receive any e-mails from a .mit .wpt or .neu e-mail address it isn't a virus but a mod to try-out.

Best of luck,


p.s. - the story of the person w/the hunter is just too funny.

04/11/2011 07:05 AMPosted by Aegïs
I'm the type of tank who has no problem adjusting my play style to suite others. If someone asks me to slow up, no problem. Another thing I do is switch targets often so I can maintain aggro on several mobs at once. If someone with a sight disability needs me to stay on on one target so they can assist easier, I can do that too. I just need to know what I need to do to make things easier. If I don't know, I can't help out :)

This is me as well. I am playing to have fun, it isn't a job. And no, wiping isn't fun. But you know what? I can go outside and do something else if I want to. I can go play golf or something. I have options.

What about people like the OP that have no other options. This *is* their "go play golf". Being a helpful tank can go a long ways towards the "karma fund". And I am pretty sure they aren't wanting to wipe either and are busting their a$$ doing their best. And if we never make it to the end, so be it. I will stay all night paying repair bills :)
It's too late for me. I am completely out of the habit of grouping. At this point I actually enjoy solitary play and prefer to just stay out of people's way.

Well, if you ever happen to roam on over to realm Area 52, I know some people that would like to group with you and just have fun. ;)
First off, props on having the courage and balls to get on here and say what you are. Wow forums are troll heaven and full of jerks and a-holes. Second off, props to the majority of the people posting in this thread that are actually being supportive and helpful with this situation. it is nice to see that some people actually are humane and compassionate persons.

Short story i would like to share. I am raid leader for a small ten man guild that is just getting into heroic ten man content. One of our main healers was our weak link, which he knew as well as the other nine people knew. One night after a raid I decided I needed to talk to him and try to figure out why he was struggling with very mundane tasks. Come to find out he was involved in a serious car accident around six years ago and he is paralyzed entirely on his left side and has limited movement on his right side. This man was playing this game with a freaking joystick in his mouth and the ability to push a few keys with his right hand. Once I knew that he went from the weakest link in our ten man to the best WoW player I know. I fail quite often with two working hands and I can only imagine how difficult it must be to play in his situation. Anyways, what I did was retooled everyone's responsibilities in the raid and needless to say we are now moving into heroic content. Me and my very trusted friend in the guild are the only two that know this because the disable guy did not want any special treatment from others.

Again, props to you OP.

And more support from the WoW Blog community.

Waldaman, as you progress , keep people updated. There are a lot of adaptive players out there and a lot of community support. I keep in touch with several blogs and a few of them are taking notice. Keep it up. Your approach to all of this has shown a lot of strength and will. People respect that.
Much props to you! Your story totally inspired me today.
04/14/2011 03:27 PMPosted by Nethaera
I wanted to follow-up with a bit more input into this thread with some information that you may find helpful. Awhile back, UI developer Slouken had developed an addon called “MovePad” which would allow people to use the mouse to move around the world with. This is something we are planning to implement as an option in a future content patch. We would also like to encourage everyone to share any additional small script functions or changes that might help make better addons for disabled gamers so that we could look into the feasibility of adding these into the game as well.

Nethaera, I remember a long time ago, around the same time as MovePad there was a gesture casting addon. To my surprise it still exists PaL's MouseGesture. It allows the player to move the mouse in such a way to cast, move and such. I'm not too familar on how it works as I'm going off of memory, but I think the Development team might want to look into something like this as well.

I am on a RP server. I logged out in one of my RP sets. Thats why I'm wearing an Onslaught Helm and Dreadnaught shoulders.
Thank you for your post. I think it would be very useful for disabled players to swap tips on how to play more effectively.

I have no obvious physical abnormality, I have a hidden disability, a life-long brain disorder. I am under a doctor's care and take medication to manage.

I can "pass" out in the street. It does effect my ability to play WOW well, however. I adapted mainly by avoiding stressful situations like raiding.

I am always the weak link in any group I have been in, mainly because dungeons and raids are completely confusing to me. I can't process all that is going on. I am not stupid, I just can't process too much stuff all at once.

I avoid grouping. That's how I deal with it. I enjoy playing the game as a solo player, but I am envious of people who are able to group effectively, by whatever means.

I also play with a disability, mine from an incurable genetic disorder in my neck and spine compounded by a bad accident I was in about 10 years ago. I get "flustered" sometimes in heated fihgts in raids but I manage because my guildies are wonderful and raid leader for the guild keeps up steady, calm instructions throughout encounters. He didn't start doing that because I needed it, he actually did it because it helps him stay organized, bonus benefit is it makes our raids flow well and people like me get calm prompts.

Through the years I've needed that guidance less and less, in Wrath I reached a point where I could raid well in a pug with no help and even with cranky jerk Raid leaders cussing and loosing their minds in vent.

Cataclysm knocked me back, not because it's harder, but because my toons were completely overhauled and I've been having to learn how to play them all over again I would love to have a way to connect with others who play Wow that face the challenged of a disability. I would be thrilled to help others level, get into raiding etc, I have 6 85's, 3 raid geared and a wonderful guild that I know would help (including the calm voiced raid leader LOL). Unlike many, my guild does know about my challenges, but that's because my entire real life family is in the guild LOL. Perhaps a network that could also identifye Guilds that would welcome disabled players, that have cheerful, patient, helpful members that would enjoy meeting new people and helping them to enjoy the game. That way, when folks role up toons, they could do so on a realm where they had a guild waiting to welcome them.
Not sure if this will help anyone, you can go to Game Menu>Interface>Mouse>Click To move. This allows for one right click mouse movement.
Props to the OP, wish you the best on your website.
There are already websites for disabled gamers such as It is perhaps better to join an established disabled gamers community than to create your own.
OP, thank you. It's really nice to see how many people who play with challenges there are in the game. I rarely mention my issues and I know most of you do the same, because WoW players can be some of the most hateful and small-minded people out there. If I can be ostracized for being a girl by some people in the game, I can't imagine what effect being a disabled girl would have on the way they treat me.

However, there are some really amazing people out there in Azeroth, too. My guild is full of them. Being able to go do a heroic with pleasant, friendly people can be one of the greatest experiences for people with joint/muscle/focus/etc. issues, in my opinion. It's something that I can enjoy and do just as well as anyone, unlike nearly every other activity. I was surprised when I started playing again how much happier it made me, and I think that that fact is a major contributor.

I wish you all all the best in Azeroth and beyond.

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