Secretly disabled WoW player (until now)

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wow... you know, i never really thought about disabled people playing wow.
OP: i'm quite glad that you've adapted so well to playing the game and i completely agree with the website idea.

(i'm surprised that not a single jerk/troll has posted here yet)
04/11/2011 03:58 AMPosted by Hyrrokkin
Thank you guys! I wasn't expecting much in the way of replies this late at night.

People who play wow don't sleep.

Also: I admire your courage, and initiative.

Actually it is 11pm here in New Zealand. So yeah. Anyway nearly time for me to get some sleep now.
players with disabilities unite under the proud banner that Wal painted for us :)
Kudo's to you! I'm at the opposite end... I'm a disabled 60 year old and really enjoy doing raids and events with a guildie that is still just a kid (very mature though, you'd swear he as 25 'til you hear him on vent).

In any case, I have severe emphyzema, poor reflexes and difficulty seeing and still managed to raid, even though I have to use a magnifying glass to read my authenticator. I know it can be difficult but hang in there.
I won't post something that is more then one sentence with one hand when I'm laying in bed, you wrote that whole thing. That would have taken me like two hours LOL.
I dont want to take away from the seriousness of this post. but it must be said, i hope OP has a good sense of humor
i dont get it, what kind of disabled*%# is op? blind?
seriously? >you are disable and play a video game? SO WHAT? ive seen down syndrome kids play tennis , alot *@@#ing better than your disabled ass can play this game, blind*%#

man. People though you were funny before.
Now both of your fans hate you
What a shame
You should consider making a post in the UI and Macros Forum about your plans for a website.

Many of the addon authors hang out in there - maybe some of them would be interested in writing or modifying addons to assist players with disabilities. =)

This is an awesome idea.
Going to report your post for sticky. Let's not allow it to get lost in the jungle that is the General Forum..

No one cares if you are disabled, they only care how you play.
I want to Thank You for writing this post.

I feel like you reached inside me and wrote about me because I too am disabled, I too had a Stroke but I was 10 yrs old when mine occured also on my left side. I got very lucky though as most all use has returned except for my hand. It for me is utterly useless, i'm not fortunate enough to even be able to hit the shift key, maybe the space bar as it is so much bigger. :) I too am writing this one handed. :)

I've been looking for opinions of gaming mice for years from someone with a perspective as mine would be. I found your post most helpful, Thank You again! :)

I wish you all the best for conitnued success.


edit to add: I would love to see a website dedicated to this like this, it would be great to interact with others who share in the same difficulties and challenges.

I would also like to add something about guilds. In BC I really wanted to try raiding on my Druid, I found a really good morning guild on the Thrall server. When I interviewed with them I told them upfront about my disability and they were 100% cool with it. They even supported me during the tougher fights for me to manage, like the Gorefiend encounter, having to move and hit numbers on my keyboard is impossible for me. They were very understanding and extremely supportive. :)

04/11/2011 03:58 AMPosted by Hyrrokkin
People who play wow don't sleep.


While on the topic of disability, I've got narcolepsy so all I do is sleep. People are extremely intolerant of my problem because everyone can remember being sleepy at some point and not having the luxury of catching a nap when they want one. What they fail to understand is that I'm tired all the frickin' time, and no amount of sleep is really ever good enough. I miss out on so much of my life because I simply can't stay awake for it. Currently I take enough prescribed amphetamines to wake a grave yard, and I'm still tired enough to go back to bed.

In addition, my 10yo daughter has severe autism, but I still allow her to play. She doesn't understand any part of the game, but still enjoys making her character jump down elevator shafts and repeatedly clicking on NPC's often enough that they actually get annoyed and make snotty comments. (Try it sometime. The BE say things like "Why do you linger?" "Not very intelligent, are you?" "It is a wonder you have lived this long." "Ah, you have a death wish.")

Anyway, kudos to the OP for this thread. It's refreshing to see someone willing to step forward and remind people that not every player represents the stereotype and that it's generally a bad idea to assume such.
I've found most players do not care if your disabled! Most will go out of the way to help someone they know is having problems they can't do anything about.
I for one wish more disabled folks would speak up. I know it's hard to a lot of the time but if more spoke up about any disabilities then more folks would know when and how to help.
Example: I'm the type of tank who has no problem adjusting my play style to suite others. If someone asks me to slow up, no problem. Another thing I do is switch targets often so I can maintain aggro on several mobs at once. If someone with a sight disability needs me to stay on on one target so they can assist easier, I can do that too. I just need to know what I need to do to make things easier. If I don't know, I can't help out :)

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