[H] Death by Design Recruiting DPS Raiders

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Fix the title!
Bumped for raid edits.
Grats on Ragnaros =)
Bumped for edits
You still looking for hunters? I'm itching to come back to the horde and raid again!
Bumped for edits and still waiting for you to come talk to me Xanthu!
Raffi is awesome. Hai DbD!
You must be thinking about another Raffi.
Raffi is so lazy with updating the thread title!
Friggin DKs have too much time on their hands.

Bumped for title edits. :p
Raffi if I bump the thread can I say we need warlocks, like we have one and that's your alt.
A raiding warlock would be great!
WTB warlocks!
bumped for edits
You mean Thursday's Z? :D
I think Kole is a copy editor IRL :p
Like 25man raiding? Like being an a badass orc instead of a cardboard human? Go horde and join DbD!

Benefits include:

Listening to Zeiana talk
Listening to Raffi rage
Watching me die

Join the fun for 4.3 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't rage. I explain where you failed rationally in order to assist in the learning process.

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