[H] Death by Design Recruiting DPS Raiders

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Need a couple healers and a warlock! Go go go go horde side DS25 progression, the only place to be!
hunters would be nice too! bump
You're the opposite of Raffi! For example, when we're 3 wipes from going full retard. You're like "Hey you guys stop being baddies!" in a polite tone. Yet your actually raging deep down inside! Raffi is more of "What the !@#$ is wrong with you people, I hate you and your dog play the %^-*in game right!" Truth :D
Recruiting dudes! Warlocks wru?
wow Raffi you should update the title

Currently 1/8HM in DS, but this week we are switching to 25man. So if you're horde side, and wanting to raid 25man contact a DbD officer. AFAIK we're the only group that does 25man raiding horde side. And on that note we're recruiting healers! Especially priests.
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bump for freshness
Deathwing down, starting HMs next week on 25. Always keeping an eye out for fresh new recruits!
25-Man Hardmodes on Horde side. Yep, only guild knocking them out.
Bump for grooviness! 25man Hard Modes this week!!!
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04/12/2011 07:59 AMPosted by Raffi

04/12/2011 07:59 AMPosted by Raffi
mature working professionals

LOL! I love irony.
Looking for a holy/disc priest and a couple dps to round out our raid group! Contact an officer or drop an app!
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Dayumn, bump for a few recognizable names anyway.. and some hopefully better apps! Gotta be some better talent than what is registering on there right now.. eesh.

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