[H] Death by Design Recruiting DPS Raiders

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Thanks Mesmira. My officers and I will review it in the next day or so.
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I'd like to give an 8/8 shout out to a very special female troll out there.
So heres the deal. We killed 8/8 in 10man, big deal who gives a crap. Due to a few people going inactive for the summer and playing other games we had to put the 25 on hold the past couple of weeks. However the guild would love to resume with getting that 8/8 in 25. So if you competent, can follow simple instructions and have a desire to complete the current content in 25man look us up! We are actively seeking a couple DPS and Healers to fill up the raid .
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Well, I'm not interested in switching guilds, but I could manage to show up and help kill stuff if you need a competent resto shaman :)
Hit me up in-game Giggantors. Yesterday we had Truelight in our Meta Achievement run so not being in the guild isn't a huge dealbreaker if you'll be around to assist.
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Looking for some fresh blood for 25man raiding in MoP! Horde side still has a little bit of life left. Come join us and make it better :D
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06/13/2012 03:03 PMPosted by Qube
I'd like to give an 8/8 shout out to a very special female troll out there.

This is totally for me. I just know it.
I thought it was Side :p

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