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Hey ladies and gents

I'm a mature gamer looking for an Oceanic server (pvp horde or alliance) that has a balanced ratio and is raiding well on the PVE scene. I don't want to wait ages for pvp or pve and need to be hanging with more Australians than not due to the time differences that I suffer from currently on Dragonmaw. Thanks for your help.

So then transfer/reroll to any of the servers that are marked as Oceanic and 95% of the people you play with will be from the general Australian time zones.

As for the balanced part, check http://www.wowprogress.com/realms/rank/oc for approximate ratios and progress.

Otherwise you can try to find an oceanic guild on the US servers.
From what I hear Gundrak has a thriving Australasian population and even faction balance!
Thanks very much guys - I have been lost on this issue for ages now! Much thanks :)
if u dont want to just dive in, go to the oceanic recruitment forums and line up a guild before u transfer.
Dont go to Gundrak, its a bad realm. its dying off again and will be low pop again soon
04/13/2011 01:25 AMPosted by Reccon

Alliance have almost instant bg queues on these realms. Horde have a considerable wait.

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