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just a note about what i certainly see as a faction imbalance:

the Warsong Gulch vendors, sell gear that is available to lvl 18 characters. on the horde side of things, there is a handy flight path a few hundred yards from the vendor, and the short run from the nearest city, is fairly boring with the highest mobs you'll encounter being around lvl 13-16(?).

On the alliance side, the nearest flight path is half way back across the map for ashenvale, and the nearest city is Darnassus, which quite frankly...if you are running from there, it will take you a good hour. by the time you are close to the ashenvale border with are running thru lv 17-19 mobs, and ashenvale is a step up again. And more to the point, there are horde guards lvl 23-24 stationed along the path to the silverwing sentinels camp.

My point for all this is really that, you allow horde fairly easy access to a vendor, of which the opposing faction must journey for quite literally hours to get to theirs. That obstacles placed along the path in the form of faction guards and map spawned mobs, are equally inequal, and skewed towards horde once again.

the Journey to the Arathi basin vendors is to my mind fairly equal in its length of journey, and hardship.

Please, this has annoyed me for years, and with the changes wrought to the maps with Catalysm, this journey for alliance, to the WSG vendors, has become even more of a chore-and I know where i am going and how to avoid most of the mobs that outlvl my lv17 alt by a good 5-6 levels...( yes lvl 17 as i wont the gear When i level to 18). I am not a new player.

horde instructions to get to WSG vendor......head west out of org, till on your map you are at the entrance to the ashenvale map...grab FP then head south, hugging right hand wall.

Alliance.......take FP to dark south a damn long stretch, till you get to the ashenvale border, grab any FP's you see on the dont want to run this part ever again :P. from Ashenvale border headsouth east till the path turns up towards astranaar, grab follow road out of astranaar PAST THE LV 23-24 HORDE PVP FLAGGED GUARDS, and follow the road till you hit a ally FP in this section, you will be running this part again, if you want any more gear from this vendor, once you hit the river turn south head past the nelf tower, you'll find a path to follow south (path is pathed over by lvl 24 mobs once again) this will get you to the vendor.

so blizzard about just moving the Silverwing Sentinels pvp vendor to some where closer to the darkshore/ashenvale border...lore wise ashenvale is almost lost to the alliance any ways why are they still holding all their supplies right next to a horde choke point? wonder they lost the damn forrest..

/rageout...i dont expect much on this except trolls :P
I actually agree to this and is the reason I never got PvP gear at lower levels. I was to damn lazy to run all the way across just to get some gear ill replace.
It would be even better to just add AB and WSG vendors to at least SW and Orgrimmar. The heirloom vendors were recently added there.

What with the current attempt to make all the Old World cities equivalent, AB and WSG vendors could also be added to all the major Old World cities.
Why not just relocate EVERY faction quatermaster to SW and Orgrimmar while we are at it.

Oh yeah, thats including raid factions quartermasters too...traveling is just not my thing either.
I think you are 100% correct. its an easy fix too. just need a flight path to vendor area like horde has.
And to think I never knew this existed!

Learn something new every day!
04/14/2011 06:56 PMPosted by Allysandrea
I actually agree to this and is the reason I never got PvP gear at lower levels. I was to damn lazy to run all the way across just to get some gear ill replace.
This is why you lost the battle. Shame on you.

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