9.2k gs Mage fire/arcane LFG

Hi Hyjal, im a mage playing very well fire and arcane and thinking about transfering this toon on hyjal. I dont have a lot of experience in cata raiding but im dedicated and show up every raid when it happened... actualy my guild is falling a part and cant to do anything here.

I learn fast and got a nice dps. on raid boss approx avrg is 16-20k dps peak at 35k easily.
im free everyday for anything till 1am pst.

*atm im re-geming/enchant for arcane to see if it gonna have a good or a better, should i say, raidng spec in 4.1
^ what cocodrank means is, tell us your average item level instead! gearscore is SO last expansion.
04/16/2011 10:18 AMPosted by Mirru
tell us your average item level instead!

hate being like evryone :p anyway its not like you only have one click to do to see my ilvl....

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