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Hello guys, I'm looking for a /console command for setting my camera distance

I am NOT looking for one to increase my MAX distance. I'm just looking for one to set it so I can have 2 different macros that goes like this

1. /console cameradistance 10
2. /console cameradistance 30

So in PVP, I would normally use macro number 2 to expand my vision but when I am fighting a melee, I would like to be able to use macro 1 to instantly zoom in on the target because I usually play the game zoomed out at max distance, it is hard to see enemy's backs. I also don't want to play all the time at close view because I like having a wide vision.

If anyone knows the correct cameradistance console command and how to use it, or if there's a better alternative, please let me know

All the camera APIs:

Camera CVars:

You mostly want SaveView and SetView.

You can also keybind a particular camera view in the Keybinding menu, no scripting required.
Thank you, that coupled with /console CameraDistanceMoveSpeed 50 and /console CameraDistanceSmoothSpeed 50 now gives me instant zoom in/out :)
Is there a /command or any other way to completely unlock the camera distance? If your a huge Tauren flying around on a huge dragon /console cameradistance 50 doesn't cut it is there a way to boost it to like 1000 instead of 50? I need it to go at least double the distance of the 50 setting and just increasing the number doesn't help.
Blizz limited this back in BC.

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